Banyuwedang Hot Spring, Bali, Indonesia

Banyuwedang Hot Spring, Bali, Indonesia

Banyuwedang Hot Spring, Bali, Indonesia. – Bali is a famous tourist city in Indonesia. Attractions that are available in Bali is very diverse ranging from beaches, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, forests or hot spring. Talking about the hot spring in Bali, one of the most famous hot springs is Banyuwedang.

banyuwedang bali

banyuwedang bali, Indonesia

Banyuwedang is a decent place you are visiting because of its strategic location on the edge of the beach. Therefore, at the time enjoying the warmth of Banyuwedang, you also can enjoy the beautiful beaches as well as Bali. In addition to having fun, nutritious Banyuwedang hot spring said to cure various skin diseases due to sulfur content with an average water temperature reaches 40 degrees celcius.

Location of Banyuwedang Hot Spring

The location of Banyuwedang  is in the Pejarakan villaget, District Gerokgak, or about 60 km from the city of Singaraja. Banyuwedang is located very strategically as close to other attractions.

The atmosphere around Banyuwedang is very calm and peaceful because the population is not dense, so the tourists can better enjoy their tourism activities.

Do you want to try the pleasure of Banyuwedang? Come to Bali, Indonesia, and do not forget to book the right hotel for your trip more enjoyable.

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