Bamberg Beer Me! Beer Tours Director's Cut II #Germany #travel

Specializing fun, small, educational & affordable beer tours of Bamberg & the Franconia district for people from all over the world. Bamberg and the Franconia district has the highest concentration of breweries in world. There are nine breweries in Bamberg and about 300 in Franconia. Bamberg is best known for its rauchbier (smoked beer), but it is just one of the many, many life enhancing beers of the region.
BBM! offers two beer beers of Bamberg each year at roughly the same time so you can plans years ahead. BBM! is based in the United States. All tours begin and end in Germany. Don’t buy stuff, buy an experience!
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  1. @DaRula888 Thanks for catching the spelling error on the spelling of Giechberg. I did not meant to imply that it was in the former GDR (although it is close), I was trying to give people a sense of its location in relation to the center of the country. I think you'll agree, it is more east than west of center. Glad you enjoyed it!

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