Awesome Trip in South Africa

December 20, 2012 – January 4, 2013

A movie montage of the two weeks we used in South Africa – generally in Port Elizabeth, Jap Cape Province – in excess of the holiday seasons. We experienced an wonderful time!

Music by Freshly Floor, “Waliphalala’Igazi”


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  1. Like any place that is not a first world country….just be cautious and stick together. Carry only what you need but don't carry valuable or bunch of money on you. People do get robbed frequently in Africa, more tourists than citizens cause they know tourists come to Africa with money to spend and are highly valued targets. Other than, enjoy yourself. 

  2. Note to any travellers wanting to visit any part of Africa. Don't be THAT tourist. You know, the one that looks like they have money on them. Having been there a couple of times but luckily not robbed but had people with me who had been, it's the last thing you want to do. TRY not to carry valuables with you such as jewellery on you, cash on you or anything that might be pawned off as valuable for cash. Do carry personal ID and DO travel in groups. Being alone or having no males with you who YOU TRUST WITH YOUR LIFE (sorry to sound sexist) will get you in trouble. Nothing better than a lonely person or a couple of female friends to rob. Don't be pressured into accepting a service. Lots of scams to fall into if you are easily tricked. Oh, receive service than pay. Not pay service and then wait to receive. Generally, be aware of your surroundings and trust no one. Sorry to say this but Africa is not a tourist friendly place BUT it is a good place to visit IF YOU ARE SMART ABOUT IT. Oh, be nice but cautious. Don't be THAT tourist. 

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