Australian on the German Autobahn (Very first time Knowledge from Berlin to Frankfurt) #Germany #journey

Buckle up, brace yourselves because we have are likely on the German Autobahn…the place seemingly there are no speed restrictions as these two grandpa motorists look at every single German car or truck and bike speed previous us at crazy speeds…

This marks the start of our German Fairy Tale Road journey as we make our way from Berlin in direction of the extremely lovable fifty percent timbered home city of Quedlinburg.

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Hello, we are Stephen & Jess, Australian vloggers documenting our initially calendar year of leaving home and travelling all over the world. We want to encourage other individuals to enterprise out, explore, take challenges and go on our individual journey!!

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  1. That Town looks awesome. Really. And then you remember it's in east germany. So probably swamped with AfD Nazis. I don't know where we went wrong. From the far left to the far right in a blink of an eye after the wall came down. like a loaded spring or something.

  2. If you still on the way down the romantic road, you can make a short visit to Munich. Right now there is the Tollwood Festival. A lot of food of different countries. All organic. Also quite a lot vegetarian stuff. But I am not sure how long it will last.

  3. That´s why there is no cupholder in european cars, when you drive 80-100 mls/h , there is no time to slurf drinks and eating dougnuts, if you need something to eat or drink, you stop at a "raststätte" , it is recommended for turists to stop every 2-3 hours, to keep the concentration up.

  4. Please drive in the right lane as long as you are not overtaking other cars!
    You are two really, really nice people, but I hate when people do this and as we drive quite high speeds this can be very dangerous if small cars want to overtake you and have to change from the far right to the far left and back while BMWs are driving 200kmh+ there (Overtaking on the right is forbidden).
    However, I wish you the best time here in Germany 🙂
    And ps look out for the grey circle with stripes (->no speed limits anymore) and have fun 🙂

  5. When it comes to driving on the autobahn you should probably speed up more than 120 in no speed limit zones. Because, imagine a three lane autobahn. On the right there are only trucks going 90km/h, in the middle lane there's you guys going 120. Sooo when there's more traffic and me and some other guys are coming behind all going about 200 it can be very dangerous, if one of us needs to step fully into the break because of you guys. Or you go on the complete right lane with the trucks, then no worries. Anyway I'm just saying, for your safety. But nice video, and keep trying the beers of the local breweries, you will find some in almost every city or village. Don't drink the big brands, they are making enough money with export beer… the locals! 🙂

  6. GUYS I LOVED this video!!!!!
    I'm going a huge trip myself when I take a great circle run on amtrak (Americas only Passenger train service) around the U.S. in August.
    Will open up the channel One Eye Photo Guy for the 1st official Vlogs with daily posts on Youtube, IG & IGTV (bandwidth on cell permitting).
    I’m going in this order
    July 31st Amtrak lakeshore Limited to Chicago from Boston
    Aug 1st Arrive Chicago
    Aug 5th Amtrak empire builder to Seattle
    Aug 7th Arrive Seattle
    Aug 8th Amtrak Coast Starlight to Los Angeles
    Aug 9th Arrive LA
    Aug 10th Amtrak Sunset Limited to NOLA (thats New Orleans for those of you outside the U.S.) 🙂
    Aug 12th Arrive NOLA
    Aug 17th Amtrak Crescent to Birmingham
    Aug 17th Arrive Birmingham

  7. Guys first i wanna say to you that you videos are amazing and so pretty.
    2nd that berliner bun is very same to the jewish Suphgania that we eat in hannukah. (im jewish and israeli citizen)

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