Audi A7 Diesel Sportback 40 TDI S Line 5dr S Tronic [Comfort+Sound] – 24 month PCH (Lease) – £3302.91 + £366.99pm x 23 months @ Leasing #traveldeals


Not for everyone, or anyone maybe but you can get this car via Eastbourne Audi for £3302.91 + £366.99 per month for 23 months, against a listed OTR of £53,685.Includes 8,000 miles per year at this price point.

I don’t like the car, I think it is hideous looking, it is also a diesel, and an Audi so for me this thing couldn’t be any worse, but I though someone here might find it useful if they are in the market for a luxury coupe.

Here is a link to the Audi page with more details – LINKY!

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