Arrival Patagonia + My Quarterly Cash flow 2019

& we’re back in the Land of Fireplace, the End of the World, the Patagonian Wild. This is Arrival Patagonia + the 1st section of My Quarterly Cash flow 2019.

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Shout out to Tom and BvS for bringing me on board after once more. The future thirty day period is heading to be good 🙂 Vamos!!!

#patagonia #patascape2019 #bvssquad

Shout out to at the moment my only sponsor *still unpaid* but I get no cost things. Drifa Snow!! This is the brand that make my outdoor gear jackets and pants.

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  1. Love your frankness, Greg. Makes everything so much more real and down to earth. I regularly watch your vids but thought I was subbed, but discovered I wasn't. Anyway, fixed that. The quality of your videos is awesome. Keep it up.

  2. Hey Greg, love the videos, love your work. Just a heads up that maybe a reflection on your impressions/stats. You mentioned at the end 40% of viewers are not subscribed. I just watched a series of your vids back to back on my tv, but on there I can’t log in to my account. So I’ve viewed as a guest or visitor if you like. I’m only logged in on my devices and computer. Maybe that makes a difference, who knows.

  3. The honesty into your finance income over each quarter is very interesting. Not many people divuldge this information and it gives a great insight into how things can be for people. Keep creating and il keep watching

  4. Thats a great start of the year, hope BVS is paying you well for your April income!! Looking forward to the Patagonia content, it's an amazing area!!!

  5. Guys if you ever plan to travel thru Las Pampas Argentina, let me kow I've got some places you might wanna shot to. Cows & farms other completely different landscape from Patagonia. Love your vlogs

  6. Love the videos when the three of you guys get together – looking forward to the series! One day I'll get to Patagonia, one day……… 🙂 Can't wait for the Asia videos later in the year, you'll love it!

  7. Welll Greg, you just left Portugal and went straight to that statue of a Portuguese who circumnavigate the globe, the great Fernando de Magalhães you can't live without us 🙂

  8. Awesome video Greg! I’m so excited to follow your trip down there in patagonia! I’m still jealous that I’m not going to be down there :/ make sure to drink enough mate for me too

  9. Perhaps you could try making some promo videos? Self-commissioned, to promote yourself to more prospective clients. For example, you dine at Acme Restaurant, you like the place, you make a sample promo for the restaurant (tastefully watermarked) and show it around.

  10. hey another cool one mate – great intro voice over. U don't break down what you earned so we can get an idea of what to charge etc? that would be the real info to help others….. day rate and job rates etc… even if they were ball park figures. Nice one dude.

  11. It's always great to see some income coming in. I'm glad that you share not only the successful months but also the months where the income may not be as grand. I'm sure this next quarter will be awesome with the Patagonia workshops as well as the video course! I liked the bit with Brendan earlier in the video, lol! Enjoy Patagonia!

  12. You couldn’t be working alongside two greater guys than Thomas & BVS. Really hope your number of subscribers increases due to this collaboration and can’t wait to see how the trip progresses. Best of luck!

  13. When you don't have any assignments like in February, how do you decide where to stay? You mention it should be an affordable place, but is there any more criteria?

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