Argentina vacation announcement

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  1. Hey its great that you come to Argentina that would be awesome, you should go to Red Bell its a metal bar, also a few blocks away there is another so you can go both places the same night, grab a beer, grab some hidromiel, and skol!. This is in Buenos Aires, Capital Federal so you will be close.
    But aside from the music and the beer, you should also try some of our food, go to "Pizzeria Guerrin" its in Corrientes Avenue a few blocks away from the Obelisco, well actually you can go there to dinner, then go to Red Bell they are a few blocks away too so. Pizza is one of the things you should eat ofc, but obviously the Asado is the main event, you can go to "La Brigada" for the best quality meat in town (but a little bit expensive, well I spend like 70 usd with 3 friends, maybe it isnt that much for a foreigner), but other "Parrillas" would be great, but the best you can do is find somebody that has a good "Parrilla" in his own house and prepare the Asado, with the Choripanes, with the Chimichurri, listening to Hermetica, Malon, Almafuerte, and all the good heavy metal bands of Argentina would be the best. Also try the Empanadas ofc, the Milanesa (Milanesa Napolitana con Papa Fritas would be best option).
    Places you have to go, well ofc Buenos Aires Capital Federal is the main city and it has most of the night stuff to do and all that, Cordoba is the second city, there you should go to "Zombies Bar" and try the "Lomitos" and the "Choripanes" (Ask for Eco-Chori) for food they are great there and also the Asado with our folklore shows are good so ask for "La Taba" and for the pizza there go to "Il Forno di Marco" and not in Cordoba city but a few Kilometers away there is "Villa General Belgrano" where you can find veeery good beer, but the point of going there is to go in October, because, its a German-Argentinian city wich means, we have our own "October Fest" there, but its ok to go in any time though. But after the main cities you have to go to Patagonia, thats the best place to visit in Argentina, I mean, I lived in Capital Federal, now I'm living in Cordoba and may go back to Capital, I visited Spain, and I may wanna visit other places but Patagonia will always be the number one, you can go to "Bariloche" in a plain, but after getting there and spending 1 or 2 nights there you should go to "San Martin de los Andes" and to "El Bolson" being in "El Bolson" you can take a bus and go to "Lago Puelo", visit the "Hiden Forest" and then go to the lake and its going to be awesome, the only thing is that in April is going to be a bit cold to get into the lake but… just do it you can drink from that water, then Epuyen is a few kilometers from Lago Puelo, again amazing lake. After visiting those 3 places you can go to a lot of other places, like "Mar del Plata" to visit de sea, to "Mendoza" to take a wine tour, to "Misiones" to visit the waterfalls and to "El Calafate" to visit the "Glaciar Perito Moreno" (Wich is also part of Patagonia) but you cannot miss Bariloche and San Martin de los Andes.
    Finally if you wanna go to a concert, check for tickets and ask somebody to buy the tickets in advance for a big show, it would be great if you catch a big band in Argentina, Iron Maiden would be the best here.
    Now about mobility if you are going to have a friend or something with a car then you are ok, but if you wanna take a bus or a subway in Buenos Aires you would need the "SUBE" card, in Cordoba the "Red Bus" card, and if you just take car always take a Taxi and not Ubers they are not very welcome between cab drivers so… in Capital Federal they are not a good option, and always have Pesos in your pockets, having 2.000 pesos is ok, dont go arround with a lot more than that, I mean to go arround one night or something, to pay for the cab, the food, and the beer, a 2k for a night is a good night. And for moving around the country dont get in long distance buses, they are almost as expensive as some plain tickets and take way too long you are going to be wasting time, the only good long distance you can take is from Buenos Aires to Cordoba, its an 8 hours ride so you can do it at night, but if you go to Patagonia with that you will be losing an entire day. Distances are really great here, for cheap plain tickets you may want to take a look into "Flybondi" its secure but its a really new airline so you may get some fly delays, Aerolineas Argentinas is more expensive but is most of the time very very on time.
    Best Regards, hope seeing you in Red Bell or Zombies depending on where I'm living at that moment 😛

  2. Do you have any problems with the subtitles? Lemme know, I can help you with that!
    That's great news that you're visiting our contry, I really hope you get the best experience of them all!
    There's a lot of things and places to do and visit, not only here in Buenos Aires, but also in Cordoba too! (you said you were going there, so… fernet is the best way to start your experience there).
    It would be really great if you did daily vlogs! Or at least inbetween days, just to let us know your trip and how it is going.
    Hope you have a blast in our country and be sure to look for the best places! Here in the comments are some good recommendations, trust me.
    Again, if you need help with the subtitles, dm me and I'll help you with no hesitation! It'll be free, of course. I just want to see you grow, you deserve it.
    See you around! 🙂

  3. Wow, you're coming here? Welcome to my beautiful country!
    Just a couple of tips? If you don't mind.
    1. Bring warm clothes just in case. Some Aprils can be cold here.
    2. Talk to everyone, believe no one. You never know who's lying to you.
    3. If you don't understand something, just tell them 'talk slower, please'. We tend to speak pretty fast.
    4. Enjoy!

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