#Argentina #travel Patagonia, Argentina Travel – Driving and Sightseeing in Patagonia

A town that has a relaxed vibe and is the gateway to Patagonia’s main attractions.

A great option to get around Patagonia, if you are an independent traveler, is to rent a car. In Patagonia it is the law to always drive with your lights on. It is also the law to wear your seatbelt, but many people ignore that one. But you should not because all of the roads in Argentina, pretty much, are two lane highways and passing is very common. Nothing like a mate when you are on the road.

Travelers underestimate distances in Patagonia. It even happened to us today. Keep in mind while driving through Patagonia that many of the roads are unpaved. So your trip might take twice as long. Traveling in Patagonia has always been dangerous and the legend of Difunta Correa proves it. Difunta Correa was a young woman who was following her soldier husband with her baby in her arms. After spending days in the desert she died of thirst. When they found her body, her baby was still suckling on her lifeless breasts. Because the baby survived Argentines consider this a miracle. They come here and leave here the one thing she did not have at the end of her life: water.

You can find shrines like this to Difunta Correa all throughout the desolate roadways of Patagonia. An alternative to taking planes in Argentina are the long distance luxury buses, and they are anything but second class. Some long distance buses in Argentina have movies that play the whole time, meal service that includes whiskey for dessert, air-conditioning and, as you can see, a comfortable chair. Time for a siesta. I am Ande Wanderer showing you Patagonia.


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