#Argentina #travel Malba Museum, Buenos Aires – Argentina Travel Guide

Malba Museum, Buenos Aires – Argentina Travel Guide

See the famous 20th and 21st century artworks of Latin American artists.


Avda. Figueroa Alcorta 3415
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone/Contact Info
54 (11) 4808 6500

Other Information
Showcases Constantine Collection

Buenos Aires is one of the best cities in Latin America for museum going. And MALBA is one of its rising stars. MALBA, or El Museo de Arte Latin Americano en Buenos Aires, contains a Costantini Colección. It is one of the newest museums in Buenos Aires, opened in 2001.

“The collection has a selection of around three hundred works from Latin American art of the 20th century and also of the 21st century. Artists from different countries especially from Argentina, from Brazil, Mexico, Chile. Some of the Artists’ creative works were quite controversial at the time. One of the highlights the museum has is the work of Fernando Botero, the Columbian Artist. “The Widowers” it presents a portrait of a family, a bushwa family. This is the only work of Frida Kahlo that people ought to see in a permanent collection in Argentina. It is a self-portrait of Frida made in 1942 and it is a portrait that presents some of the usual elements that are used in her works. For example, her connections to the ideas of motherhood, the traditions of Mexico, the popular culture.

This work called “Demonstration” was painted by Antonio Berni. In this case he presents this image that is quite influenced by mural painting in a way to try to depict the movement, this proactive movement that the population of Argentina was experiencing at that time. This is the work of Candido Portinari, and artist from Brazil. He also decided to present the social and also the political reality of his country in the 30’s. The work that was presented a few years ago in a really controversial exhibition that was presented here in Buenos Aires.

The tenor of the work is the Christian and Western Civilization and it is a work that criticize some of the platforms and main concepts that stand up all the Western society. It is also a place where we present other types of activities. Cinemas has a very important place here. We exhibit a lot of films from young directors and we also restore and preserve some old classics. Literature has an important place within conferences, book presentations and also the educational programs here are dedicated to a variety of public, not just kids but also adults, seniors, people that have special needs.”

What do we need to know about the museum that we have not learnt yet?” “That Tuesday is closed. And if you are a student and you present your ID you have free admission and also Wednesday is free for everyone.” Wednesdays are free! Great! I am Ande Wanderer showing you Buenos Aires.


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