A small train took us to the falls and then We took a walk around the fantastic falls and filmed them from different view points. Lots of rainbows were captured in the spray too. I filmed some of the wildlife too such as the reptiles, iguana, turtles, coati mundi (which i couldnt quite say the name correctly) and lots of birds and butterflys. Vultures, sunbirds, crested jay.

e Iguazú National Park is a national park of Argentina, located in the Iguazú Department, in the north of the province of Misiones, Argentine Mesopotamia. It has an area of 550 km2 (212 sq mi)

The park was created in 1934 and it contains one of the greatest natural beauties of Argentina, the Iguazu Falls, surrounded by the subtropical jungle. Across the Iguazu River lies its Brazilian counterpart (Iguaçu National Park). Both sites were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, in 1984


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