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One of the Iguazú Falls attractions is the Devil’s Throat. Also known as Garganta del Diablo, it is the main highlight of any trip to Iguazú Falls. The Iguazú Falls is a popular destination for tourists of Argentina and Brazil. It is because the waterfalls is strategically located on the Argentina-Brazil border and is therefore shared by the two neighboring countries.

Visiting Iguazú Falls from Argentina is much better because 80 percent of the falls is within Argentine territory. If you’re traveling on a budget, visiting Iguazú Falls from Brazil is recommended because it’s cheaper. Whether you decide to visit Iguazú Falls from Argentina or Brazil, you will have the opportunity to see the Devil’s Throat and other Iguazú Falls attractions.

Getting To Iguazú Falls

Iguazú Falls can be accessed from the towns of Puerto Iguazú in Argentina and Foz de Iguaçu in Brazil. These towns have international airports nearby but you can also reach them directly by taking a bus from major cities of both countries. If you choose to fly in to the Iguazú International Airport (Argentina) or Foz de Iguaçu International Airport (Brazil), you do have to take a bus, rental car, or taxi to reach the towns.

Iguazú Falls attractions can also be reached from Ciudad del Este in Paraguay located right across the Paraná River from Foz de Iguaçu. But this is rare and the town doesn’t offer equally amazing views to attractions in Iguazú like Argentina and Brazil.

Iguazú Falls Attractions In Argentina

The Argentine side of Iguazú Falls is located at the Iguazú National Park. The park is well-organized and has a train line facility which can take you to the walking trails called circuits. Snacks and drinks are sold in food stands right next to the train stations. Because they tend to be expensive, bringing your own food and drinks when exploring Iguazú Falls attractions is recommended to save money.

There are five main tracks within the park that let you explore different aspects of the Iguazú Falls attractions.

1. Circuito Superior. The short trail runs on the upper rim of Iguazú Falls. It offers some nice views of the waterfall.

2. Circuito Inferior. The long trail is located on the bottom rim of the falls. It gives you up-close views of Dos Hermanas and Salto Bossetti, two of the most popular tourist attractions in Iguazú Falls. Circuito Inferior also leads to a free ferry service that can take you to another Iguazú Falls attraction, Isla San Martin.

3. Isla Martin. The island has a trail that provides lookouts to two different sides of the falls. The island can be accessed for free by taking a boat ride. Access may be prohibited when the river is too high.

4. Garganta del Diablo. Also known as the Devil’s Throat, it is the most well-known Iguazú Falls attraction in Argentina. The train can take you up to a 1-km trail across the river where you can stand by the horseshoe to feel the roar and spray of Iguazú Falls. Due to the excessive mist and moisture when viewing this majestic and breath-taking Iguazú tourist spot, wearing a waterproof jacket on top of your clothing and using a waterproof bag to hide your electronic gadgets is advised.

5. Sendero Macuco. It is the only trail at the Iguazú National Park which isn’t paved or adequately marked. It is also the only trail that takes you through the rainforest towards one of the top attractions in Puerto Iguazú, the Arrechea Waterfall. It is the best trail to hike if you want to get away from the crowds who spend most of their time gawking at the Iguazú Falls. Sendero Macuco is 7 km long and you should start hiking it early in the morning. You can swim underneath the Arrachea Waterfall so bring a towel and swimsuit with you.

Iguazú Falls Attractions, Brazil Side

Tourist spots in Iguazú Falls from Brazil are not that many. That said, it provides amazing views of Devil’s Throat or Garganta del Diablo, one of the must-see tourist attractions in Iguazú Falls. The Brazil side of Iguazú is protected by the Iguaçu National Park. The Iguaçu National Park in Brazil provides amazing views and perspectives of Iguazú Falls attractions from above and below.

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