#Argentina #travel Ice Cream Options – Buenos Aires, Argentina Travel Guide

Ice Cream Options – Buenos Aires, Argentina Travel Guide

Learn why Buenos Aires is said to have the world’s best ice cream.

So why is ice cream in Buenos Aires so good? First of all, it is the Argentinian milk. Second of all, there is dulce de leche, which is similar to caramel, and a national favorite. It adds a great flavor to the ice cream. “Ice cream in Buenos Aires is the best in the world because it is made with really high quality milk, and also, the Italian immigrants brought their tradition of making gelato to Buenos Aires. That is why it is so good, and there are so many really unusual flavors like rum flavored ice cream and different types of creams. It is really good”.

“I am eating coffee ice cream, and I picked the coffee flavor because Buenos Aires makes amazing coffee. I try and eat ice cream every time I can. There are thousands of different flavors, I usually get to pick two. They always make it so elegant in the cone. The whole experience just makes you happy. Sometimes if I am at home, I even order it in. They deliver it right to your house. I think the ice cream here is probably some of the best in the world”.

You should know how to order at these ice cream shops. First you choose the size cone you would like. Then you pay for it, then wait to be called. Then, tell the person behind the counter what flavor you would like. “I want one worth 5 pesos”. Some of these shops are open well past midnight, and they even deliver. I am Gigi Sehr, showing you Buenos Aires.


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