#Argentina #travel Etiquette Tips, Buenos Aires – Argentina Travel Guide

Etiquette Tips, Buenos Aires – Argentina Travel Guide

Eating in the streets not advisable and other etiquette tips for Buenos Aires.

What are some of the local customs in Buenos Aires? Take a look! Kissing on the cheek is common, even when meeting someone for the first time. This goes for men as well. Do not be surprised to find Argentines standing close to you while having a conversation. Female visitors should not be surprised to get compliments on the street as it is very common and often harmless.

Even though Argentines are super friendly, they like to meet in bars or cafes if they are the host. Argentines like to dress up. When headed out, be sure to dress smartly. Eating on the street, is not considered polite. Argentines start their evening later. Nine or later if you are going to dinner and if you are hitting the night spots, things get going around Eleven. If you are given a gift, open it right away. Ten percent tipping is considered acceptable and taxi drivers do not expect a tip unless they do a special service like picking up your luggage.

Mate, an herbal tea, is a very common drink in Argentina. It is served in a special cup, called a Mate, and a special straw is used to drink it. There is an entire ceremony surrounding the drinking of Mate. One person prepares the tea by pouring water in, then it is passed around. At first the taste might be very bitter and it takes some getting used to. I am Gigi Sehr, showing you Buenos Aires.


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