#Argentina #travel Buenos Aires, Argentina Travel Guide – Biking & Hiking (Outdoor Activities)

Buenos Aires, Argentina Travel Guide – Biking & Hiking (Outdoor Activities)
Go to this ecological reserve to escape from the city.

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Activities available at Ecological Reserve: Hiking, Biking, Bird Watching etc.

When Argentines want to escape the city’s hustle and bustle, they come here. The only ecological reserve in the city, situated near trendy Puerto Madero. On a nice day you will see locals hiking, biking and taking a stroll. “Well we sort of felt lost in Buenos Aires so we thought we would sort of do something different, so we thought we would hire some bikes. I recommend it here, we feel like home, we take our bikes for a spin around. It is nice to be sort of away from the city and it is just peaceful and no pollution or anything, it is quite nice.”

In the nature reserve you can see the city but you cannot hear it. There are bird viewing platforms for you serious bird watchers all over the reserve. So how did this reserve come about? The answer may surprise you. It actually was never planned. Debris from the construction of the city was dumped here into the river plate and it created a landfill, which attracted birds and plants, so now we have this beautiful reserve.

After a 15 minute walk, I am finally here. They tell me that on clear days, we can actually see Uruguay. Right now it is a bit cloudy, but I do trust that that is the case. On week days the sense of quiet and solitude is wonderful. On weekends it is full of people picnicking and sometimes it can get very crowded. A lot of the wildlife are nocturnal, but do not worry, even if the reserve is closed at night, you can request a specific tour for specific nights, just ask at the visitor center. It is time for me to get back to the hustle and bustle of the city. I am Veronica de Aboitiz, showing you Buenos Aires.


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