#Argentina #travel 12 Insane Tourist Attractions

Here are some of the craziest tourist attractions to try when you travel from volcano bungee in Chile to Chernobyl visit in Russia.

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8- Volcano Bungee in Chile – If throwing yourself into an active volcano with your feet attached to a very thin bungee cord sounds like your idea of a good time, then this is the attraction for you. Tourists in Chile can actually pay money to get flown up to an active volcano in a helicopter and then must jump off the chopper down into the oozing, bubbling, smokin’ volcano. The whole experience –including a six-day accommodations package – will run you a whopping $10,000.
7- Biking on a Dangerous Trail in Bolivia – Biking down Yungas Road in Bolivia is one of the most dangerous bike rides you would ever take. This road is so dangerous that the locals pray before they use it. Those not discouraged by the risk, bike at speeds reaching 40 mph just to check out the breathtaking views and 164 foot drop to their left. Approximately 200 people die a year riding the road, and shrines and graves can be seen along the way.
6- Kayaking with Whales in Alaska– While this may not be the most dangerous adventure on our list, it may be the coolest. Imagine being out kayaking on the serene water, all around you is a beautiful setting, when all of a sudden you’re surrounded by enormous, beautiful whales. The breathtaking, gentle giants are getting easier to track by whale experts due to their feeding schedules, and it’s easier than ever to make this scenario a reality. But while it’s uncommon for a whale to do any real damage to humans, there is always a risk with an animal that size.
5- Iguazu Boat Ride in Argentina & Brazil – The Iguazu cataracts are taller than Niagara Falls and twice as wide. These facts alone are just asking for someone to do something crazy – like maybe freefalling down in a boat? Consisting of 275 waterfalls through the Argentina and Brazilian parks, what has been dubbed the Devil’s Throat is an adrenaline junkie’s dream come true. For 15 bucks you can take a boat ride down the waterfalls and secure bragging rights for the rest of your life.
4- The Cage of Death in Australia – The name alone lets you know this tourist attraction is not for the faint of heart. The Cage of Death is located in Darwin Australia at Crocosaurus Cove, and lets you come face to face with a gigantic saltwater crocodile for 15 minutes. You’re locked up tight in a clear acrylic box nicknamed the “Cage of Death.” You climb in and are lowered deep into the waters inhabited by Chopa, the massive croc who will stare you straight in the eyes while you realize that 4 cm of acrylic isn’t really much separating the two of you. Deep tooth scratches seen on the side of the box offer little comfort.
3- Chernobyl Visit in Russia – Welcome to the creepiest attraction on our list. Many know the story of Chernobyl – the Chernobyl power plant was once situated in Russia when over 25 years ago it exploded. The destruction and radiation has left the city a ghost town ever since. Fast forward to present day and people will pay around $250 to walk around the abandoned town and disaster site. Certain parts of the site are still leaking radiation, so you may want to stay with the group when touring.
2- Cliff BASE Jumping in Norway – The breathtaking views in Norway are definitely the inspiration for this adrenaline packed attraction. The cliffs are high and just asking to be jumped off of. One of the most popular spots is Preacher’s Pulpit – it rises almost 2,000 feet above sea level. Cliff BASE jumping has become extremely popular in the past decade, with participants using a parachute or wingsuit when jumping off the cliff. The term BASE comes from the fixed places one can jump from: building, antenna, span and earth or, in this case, cliffs.
1- Ride a Deadly Animal in Argentina – If you ever find yourself visiting the Lujan Zoo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, you could ride a full size lion, for a small fee – and if you sign a release saying that if you die it’s not their fault. Not into lions? No problem! The zoo has plenty of dangerous animals available for you to get up close and personal with. Tigers, cheetahs, bears – so many ways to get your face mauled, how would you ever decide?


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