Argentina, an “Alien Base with Dimensional Portals” could be found in the mountains

Capilla del Monte is positioned in the province of Córdoba, Argentina, a stone’s throw from the Sierras Chicas mountain variety, in the northern section of the Punilla Valley. The primary vacationer attraction of the place is the Cerro Uritorco, a smaller mountain just three km from the city and the Ongamira Valley, both of those parts well-known during Argentina to be the epicenter of paranormal phenomena, UFO sightings and alleged bases Extraterrestrials.

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  1. How can people not believe that aliens are Among us?
    I hope that a lot off people would see this footage!! And please Everybody who's gonna see this video share it with as many friends you've got!!Disclosure is gerring forward every single Day.Great Video Thanks for uploading it:-)

  2. I have some really clear footage but scared to share, Maybe one day :)_ but people
    need to wake up there is UFO out there you do not need your gov to tell you that.
    Just take your camera everywhere with you,Most of the UFO i have seen have
    only been caught because of a camera and stepping through the footage
    frame by frame,They change shape fast from box to sphere and disc shapes
    within a few frames.

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