Apartheid: The rise and fall of South Africa's 'apartness' laws

South Africa is marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of apartheid in 2019.

Apartheid, the Afrikaans word for “apartness,” was made up of a collection of strict laws targeting visible minorities in the country and is viewed as one of the darkest periods in the nation’s history.

For nearly half a century, non-white South Africans were stripped of their freedoms and suffered under government imposed restrictions.

The face of the anti-apartheid movement became Nelson Mandela – who was jailed as a political prisoner for 27 years – whom would later become the nation’s president and an icon of freedom and justice.

So, how could institutionalized discrimination take hold in South Africa, and what steps were taken to bring an end to apartheid?

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  1. Well when you have aphasia you have no choice but to use another language to say what you want to say…segregation, and when you fail to purvey your message you can without discrimination use words that don't exist, like "Apartness"

    Or you could seek help from a professional and then go back to school to relearn the English language.

  2. This was bad very bad but we must remember that South Africa inherited this system from the English rule of South Africa and English South Africans participated and benefitted from this system just as much as the Dutch South Africans did.

  3. Ending apartheid was a disaster, both for blacks as well as whites. SA should have instead been divided up into a white nation and a black nation. It's clear to everyone that multiculturalism and mixed race societies don't work, they never have.

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