Announcing Our Trip To South Africa!!!

In late December, roughly the halfway mark of our time in teacher’s college, we were bouncing ideas off of one another in terms of where we’d like to travel to as a graduation present for completing our degrees. What completely shocked us was when we found a deal to Johannesburg, South Africa for $350 return from New York City. To put this price in perspective we typically are not able to fly anywhere in Canada (1-2 hour flights) for that kind of price. Immediately we pounced on it.

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The two of us have visited five different continents together; however, we’ve yet to set food on African soil. South Africa, a destination visited recently by many travel bloggers, has long been on our radar. After waiting for nearly five months we’re now finished school and our adventures in South Africa have begun! We couldn’t be more excited!

We plan on doing an overland journey from Jo-Burg to Cape Town focusing primarily on outdoors adventures including wildlife safaris and hiking. Some of the top highlights we’re most excited about include having the opportunity to do an African wildlife safari at Kruger National Park and spending ample time in Cape Town.

We hope you’ll come along for the ride 🙂

Announcing Our Trip To South Africa!!! Travel Video Transcript:

So it is a very exciting day today. This past week we graduated University which means it is time to travel again.

So we’ve kind of kept this trip as a surprise. We’re going to somewhere we’ve never been before. New continent! Yeah, our 6th continent. We’re heading to Africa – specifically, South Africa. And we’re going to be there for an entire month almost.

So this video is going to be all about the journey getting there. It is actually going to take us three days to travel from Canada to South Africa. So we’ll show you what that looks like and I have a feeling we’ll be all disheveled and stinky by the end of it.

So this is flight one of three.

Okay, so the first part of our journey is complete. We made it from Toronto to La Guardia transferred over to JFK and now it is time for some lunch. And lucky for us we’ve found some Korean food here. So I’m having Kimchi Jigae which I haven’t had in weeks. What a find! I know. That’s a great way to kill all of the time we have. Yeah. Look at all of that soft tofu. Yum!

Flight number two out of three. We’ve been traveling for 13 hours.

So good morning from Abu Dhabi. We spent the night here just at a hotel in the airport because we had a really long layover. It was like 13 hours and we were exhausted. And there is no way I can handle sleeping on the floor at this age, so here we are. We’re well rested. We had a shower and this morning we’re going to go catch our last flight. Our third and final flight that will take us to Johannesburg.

So what is the plan once we get to South Africa? Well, we’re doing an overland trip all the way from Johannesburg to Cape Town. And the main focus of this trip is just going to be a lot of outdoors adventures. The first thing we’re doing is a safari and then after that we’re going to be doing a lot of trekking and just other kinds of cool things.

So the goal for this trip is to make a vlog every day and we’re going to try our best to stick to that.

And before we leave I just wanted to show you the view from the room. We’re in the desert. It looks very dry. And yeah, that is all that we saw of Abu Dhabi, so we’ll have to return sometime.

I have four seats all to myself.

Hello! All right we are finally here in Johannesburg. And I couldn’t be more excited to start our journey. I am exhausted but you know adrenaline is pumping through my veins right now.

This is part of our Travel in South Africa series. We’re making a series of videos showcasing South African culture, South African arts, South African foods, South African religion, South African cuisine and South African people.

All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).

Music in this video courtesy of Audio Network


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