Andalusia – Best Places to Visit in Spain HD #Spain #travel

This short slideshow, with background music, presents some of the best places in Andalusia. Our selection consists of Córdoba, Granada, Málaga, Ronda, Costa del Sol, Nerja and Gibraltar.

On our journey on the “track of the Moors” you can cast a glance at some of the most famous sights in Andalusia, such as the complex of Alhambra in Granada or the Mezquita, the impressive mosque in Córdoba. Both are included on the World Heritage List.

Besides these incredible must-see attractions in southern Spain our video recommends some places you shouldn’t miss when you visit the area, such as Ronda, Nerja, Málaga and Gibraltar, not to mention Costa del Sol, the beautiful coastline for the lovers of sun.

Andalusia can easily be reached by plane through 6 international airports: Málaga, Almeria, Granada, Sevilla, Gibraltar, Jerez.


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