An Epic Voyage of West Africa 2013

This is a online video chronicle of a Lindblad Expeditions/Countrywide Geographic voyage of West Africa. sixteen nations in 34 days commencing in South Africa and ending in Morocco. I shot and edited this online video onsite as the vacation was taking place. © 2013 Lindblad Expeditions.


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  1. In Namibia, no mention of the mass killings of some 65,000 Hereros by the Germans in 1904, just because the Germans decided they liked the region for settlement but not the Natives. In the Congo (DRC), no mention of the 10 million natives killed by the Belgian King Leopold II in the late 19th century. They were used to collect the ivory, rubber and hardwoods to be sent to Belgium. Those who did meet their quota of the day had their hands chopped off. Just like that.

  2. This is who we are. Proud of who are and where we come from. We are African and if you don't like it, don't go there. So, why exploitation then. Why not show the places that meet your standards because you can't sell that to your people I guess.

  3. I don’t like it when white people and especially white people speak on Africa. This video was click bait like half of these videos on Africa presented by white people. I’d like to see African people speaking on Africa.

  4. Poverty is worldwide due to greedy and heartless demons, who want to earn more than they can use, but do not want others to earn a living, or have a decent living. God will send you to hell in gasoline drawers, and all your ill gotten riches will mean nothing. There are people who do help, but in private and with both hands expecting nothing from the people you help.

  5. The documentary would have been more interesting if you didn't go to any of the churches which are the signs of colonization and weakness of those people who were converted so easily giving up their own spiritual paths indigenous of Africa.

  6. Many of them here are spies. But no matter how much they spy on God's children, they can't do more than that. If they go further than that, they will surely regret it.

  7. Lol…So yall find being poor and hardships as a "voyage to discover?" this video is odd, I dont know how to feel about it. These people seem to be vacationing at the expense of capturing my people's poverty and hardships as moments of delight….like, seriously?

  8. The land of life and resilience. It’s interesting that this cruise tells you about colonisation but not of the monarchs prior to invasion. Colonisation is such a white washed word.

  9. Beautiful lands, but sad people still working like slaves. Where is the machinery to pick the crops, to lift and move about the bagged product? But the people in the villages seem so nice, just waiving and laughing, so friendly and happy living their simplistic lives.

  10. I can't watch anymore and it sickens me to my stomach how black people except these monsters after everything we've been through as a people why the hell do black people love white people so much

  11. They are poor because your ancestors raped their land stole their people and made them slaves manufactured diseases and introduced them into Africa so SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND DONT GO THERE. BITCHES

  12. Absolutely nauseous watching a gang of rich people treating the world like there own personal zoo cameras in hand being entertained by Locals pretending for a few quid . I would hate to go on anything like this sickening charade

  13. Africans need to take control of their media and stop this evil propaganda. They seem to ignore the fact that the Europeans brought aids to Africa as well as poverty by stealing and destroying the continent. I am just trying to imagine a group of Africans roaming in Europe or any other non black countries like what this people are doing in Africa without getting kill.

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