Americans Try EVERY Kinder Chocolate in Germany for the First Time! (Ultimate Tournament!) #Germany #travel

Germany has a much larger assortment of #KinderChocolate than the US does and today, us two Americans try THEM ALL for the first time to determine which Kinder chocolate bar is the best! In this competition, we have Kinder Riegel Classic, Kinder Riegel Dark and Mild, Kinder Country, Kinder Bueno milk chocolate, Kinder Bueno dark chocolate, Kinder Bueno white chocolate, Kinder Schoko-Bons, Kinder Happy Hippos, Kinder Schokolade, Kinder Cards, and of course…the most famous chocolate that is illegal in the US, the Kinder Überraschung (aka, Kinder Surprise!)! 😊

Filmed: Kaiserslautern / Ramstein, Germany – December 2020
#AmericansInGermany #German #MovingToGermany


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❤️Aubrey was a Speech-Language Pathologist, Donnie was a graphic designer, but we both had a dream to #travel the world and experience cultures. After three years of being married and dreaming about if something like this great adventure would be possible, we decided to quit the rat race and take on the world. We sold everything we had, quit our jobs, and took off! After 9 months of aimless and nonstop travel, we now get to fulfill our dreams of #LivingAbroad as #expats as we move to #Germany!



  1. BIG LIKE !
    You just got one thing wrong: Kinder Schokolade isn't the smaler Version for kids of Kinder Riegel but it's the original and Kinder Riegel is the bigger spin off

  2. Timeline of the introduction on the German market, at least of the Kinder products that I have already eaten:

    1968 Kinder Schokolade

    1974 Kinder Überraschungsei (Surprise Egg)

    1978 Kinder Milchschnitte (a product in the cooling shelf)

    1981 Kinder Riegel

    1989 Kinder _Country

    1991 Kinder Bueno

    1992 Kinder Schoko Bons

    1994 Kinder Pingui (a product in the cooling shelf)

    1995 Kinder Happy Hippo

    I like Kinder Riegel, Bueno (classic version) and Pingui.

  3. I don't know if it's just me but I actually feel like the chocolate on the Kinder Riegel is harder than on the Kinder chocolate. And I actually think that the happy hippo coconut are the seasonal ones. I have actually never seen them before. ( You have to say that I'm not really a chocolate lover so I don't buy them often or look for them specifically)

    And my favorites are Kinder schockobongse und country.

  4. Die beste Schokolade? Wollt ihr wissen? Probiert Knusperflocken. Definitiv Knusperflocken!! (Dieser Kommentar spiegelt zu 100% die Meinung des Kommentierenden wieder.)
    Falls ihr die nirgends finden solltet, es gibt immer noch Ostprodukte, die man in den alten BL nicht kaufen kann.

  5. and you never had the chance to taste the original, the "kinder Happy Hippo Snack". Make a google search, it was there before, a Happy Hippo covered in chocolate. (some People start a petition to bring back the original). I'm looking forward to the Chilled Kinder Tournament! Kinder Pinguie vs Milchschnitte FTW.

  6. KINDER can be found more frequently in USA,especially at TARGET STORES. I don’t know if it’s the Presidents Tariffs but KINDER cost anywhere between double and quadruple what you pay in Germany & probably the EU. Ugh. It’s also my favorite brand in USA. Sadly,I now have learned ,from just viewing your channel we don’t have the ‘White’ or the ‘Hippos’.

  7. I'll never understand how is it possible to swallow that big ass egg. But that's America for you.
    Also, I want that mountain bike toy. Dang it, now I need to scour the internet for a die cast mountain bike.

  8. You guys did it again, helped me live better in Germany. And your Rock Paper Scissors is the funniest. Don't you love the way that everything in Germany has a way to open it? Favorite German treat has to be the honey-roasted etc. almonds that are available even at gas stations warm. We've been eating lots of peanut M&Ms lately, sorry German candy. The Lindt Lindor is my favorite. I'm also curious about the large amount of Turkish candy available here, and some of the International stuff generally. I recently decided that Chio salt & vinegar chips are the best ones available here. 🙂 Thanks for your videos!

  9. Was ein Spaß!
    Jetzt wissen wir was Amerikaner in Deutschland machen 😉
    Als kleine Kinder waren wir froh, wenn wir ein Produkt bekamen.
    Heute wissen wir, es immer eine Art Milchschokolade in einer anderen Form.
    Am beliebtesen war das Ü-Ei, weil man nie weiß welches Spielzeug drin steckt.

  10. Okay, I'll be honest… when I first read the video title, I thought, okay this is it. They are going to start World War III… Kinder is such a German staple that it is almost impossible to not insult every single German and the 'German soul' in general with such a video… thankfully after watching the video, it seems that all potentially controversial gaffes – or Fettnäpfchen as the Germans would call it – were dodged 😉

  11. Do you know, that the Kinder Überraschung have series with figures from time to time?
    Hippos, smurfs etc.
    The slogan is: In jedem siebten Ei. 🙂
    So many people stood in the shops and shake the eggs to find the figures. 😀
    Old figures have sometimes really high prices for collectors.

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