Americans pay a visit to SYLT GERMANY | Gosch Cafe #Germany #travel


  1. If I think of Gosh – I think of the humor the workers had at the fish stand in Westerland. There was an older Lady in front of me and she said: Könnten sie es mir bitte einschlagen? The worker smiled and said: Sure! He took a hammer from under his table and pretended to hit the fish roll in 🙂 – etwas einschlagen older people use for asking to wrap something – but you also do einschlagen a nail for example –
    So you should watch out, what you ask for at the Gosh snack shed in Westerland – you might catch the same guy…..they often do their jokes on the people. At least a few years ago.
    Sylt has a healthy climate, folks go there if they got asthma or so, to breath through and for healing. It kind of makes you think there too, you can get all kinds of thoughts you never had before there, might be the piece or the ocean.

  2. You guys are way to American for us bourgeois germans 😀 I love it! Been to America for a year myself. I wish sometimes Germans would be more like you guys.

    What TV show are you working for?

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