Americans pay a visit to a Beach in GERMANY! #Germany #journey

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  1. Nice, that not everyone is jumping the dunes like you! It destroys the coast line and accelerates erruption. Because of that there is a stairway and certain ways through the dunes…

  2. Ok, first of all: 05:42 it's not good to run or jump on the dunes because we want to control dune corrosion. We want to protect it.
    Second: 04:38 sign "Begin of FFK beach. Please take notice it's not allowed to take pictures in here" so this includes filming as well 😉 I guess you guys can surely imagine the reasons 😉
    But you guys are right: this is a very nice beach and it's a good feeling to dive naked in the ocean.

  3. haha two Videos ago u like ..jesus is my savior and now u are naked running around infront of everybody, not very Christian ..thats why no one is taking this religion serious, hypocrites!

    but hey u do you, just saying

  4. Sooo…Strandkorb, German invention. You most likely don't have them in the US because they are more expensive than just putting up a parasol. But they are necessary in Germany because our beaches are quite windy.

    You aren't supposed to film or take photos in an FKK area, for obvious reasons. That was actually written on the sign you pointed at. No harm done, since nobody was there anyway, just keep it in mind should you manage to ever to into a FKK area when other people are present.

    Also, don't jump around in the Dünen. They have an important purpose, if countless people play around in them it destroys them. Keep on the proper paths, everything else is a protected area.

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