Americans go camping at a GERMAN Seaside!! #Germany #travel

Silas Nacita and conner Sullivan travel to North Germany to film with Pro7, a German Tv set station. They check out Hamburg, St. Pauli, and Sylt. Subscribe to see more of their adventures.

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Silas Nacita
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  1. Bitburger is not from Northern Germany. It's from the southern Eifel region and it's often referred to as "Eifelbrause" for it's mediocrity. Just because it appears in a Marvel movie doesn't make it the best German beer. There's so many! Try a new one every day, you'll spend a long time drinking German beer. 🙂

  2. I wanna give you a life hack for american guys in Germany. If you want to buy american products like food or something you have to visit the US army base in Stuttgart it is called "Kaserne" in german. If you have a american citizenship you can visit this base. Stuttgart is a very beautiful and old town and its the capital of Baden-Württemberg 🙂

  3. Did you get told off for leaning out of your car on the train? First of all that is what ALL young folks like doing when they are on the Sylt-shuttle. We did- and we got our "blessing" via the loudspeaker. Sylt is indeed hideously expensive. Just count all those Rolls-Royces, Jaguars, Porsches, Maseratis on the island. When you think you could impress anyone with an S-class MB or a 7 series BMW, forget it, you will become the subject of public ridicule. Lots of local people cannot afford to live there anymore. So they have moved to the mainland and take the train to work in the tourist industry or local trade every day. Lots of builders have trucks with their material and tools on the island and their men live on the mainland, come by train, drive to their customers, do the plumbing, glazing, electric installations and go home in the evening. A builder's two to five ton truck on the train would be possible, but is too expensive. Radio news last summer: A 26-year-old had crashed his Aston Martin on a roundabout near Kampen, Sylt. Congratulations! There was a slight hint of amusement in the speaker's voice. If you are on an everyman's budget for a holiday, see what the neighbouring islands of Föhr and Amrum can do for you, or Sylt's Danish "sister" Römö.

  4. It is forbidden to go on the dunes! …… in the U.S. The U.S, has rules, too. (It's to protect the coastal dunes.)
    Ha! Ha! Silas no longer pronouncing Volkswagen like an American.
    Can one still hear the Frisian language (or dialect) on or near Sylt? It's supposed to be the closest language to English.
    Bitburger isn't northern, but it is the best. Bitte ein Bit!

  5. "I didn't know that Germans have beaches"…we habe pretty much everything other than Geysirs and Deserts. But we have the Heide (heath) instead. And some really great caves.

    Difference between German and American beaches…not that many. Less sunny days, naturally, and because it tends to be so windy we use a Strandkorb (classic German design) instead of a parasol. And we have our FKK areas. The Tide also makes a bigger difference. Great sand quality, though.

  6. Oh ich hab solche Sehnsucht… ich verliere den Verstand… ich will wieder an die Nordsee…. ich will zurück…. ich will zurück…. ich will zurück…. ich will zurück nach WEEEEEE STEEEEEER LAAAAAAND!

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