AMERICAN VISITS OKTOBERFEST in MUNICH, GERMANY! | Jägermeister #Germany #vacation

Conner Sullivan visits Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany for the very first time! Beer tents and all that can make Oktoberfest in Germany 1 of the World’s Greatest festivals!
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Conner Sullivan
Stephan Niederehe Strasse eight
Marburg, Germany 35037

Growth baby Let us Go!!
#oktoberfest #Germany #Jägermeister


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  1. If you love the bras band, you have to get into guggenmusik. That's simulare just for Fastnacht and it's from the south of Germany, Swiss and elsas a bit of France.

  2. It is so cool to see you having so much fun and being so enthusiastic.
    I don't want to discourage you or sth like that. But some songs being played at the Oktoberfest I really cannot support. Especially that one: It says (translated): “That's insane. Why do you send me to HELL?“ And than the crowd chants: “HELL! HELL! HELL!“…
    I just wanted you to know that as I know you're a strong believing christian (me too). Maybe you think about that.
    But as always: Everybody has to decide on his/her own, what to do/support or not to do/ support. I don't want to offend anybody. <3
    Be blessed. 🙂

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