American Vacationer ATTACKED by Black African Migrants in Barcelona, Spain (SUBSCRIBE & SHARE) #Spain #travel

***SUBSCRIBE so as NOT TO Miss out on Much more Videos like this in the coming times & months.*** He experimented with to defend a female from remaining attacked by the migrants and ended up acquiring whipped with a buckle, which severed his femoral artery. The chap virtually bled out and was rushed to healthcare facility. *** Also, in this article are some videos on a identical theme:

The Racism of Open up Borders

Racial Identity: Pores and skin in the Game (the coming civil wars in Europe and North The united states)


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  1. Hello..
    I live in Barcelona and yesterday August 4 2018 .the street was the same..due to our major she wants this kind on chaos.
    1 they dont have papper
    2 they. Sell fake brands
    3 the not pay taxes
    4 no pays ticket
    5 subway not allowed to travel with huge lugggge they do
    6 public space they take
    Why police cant do. Anything …send an email to the barcelona major
    Police know where they buy all that kinf of stuff!
    Chinnese fake warehouse in Santa coloma Barcelona

  2. Well, Europe. Welcome to Colonialism. Heretofore it hasn't been a fraction as barbaric as the colonialism you doled out, but the night is still young. Buckle up cupcakes. You're not the only ones who get to colonize. You don't get to issue a moratorium on colonizing. Thoughts & prayers.

  3. Am spanish i love African people, American criminals and all white people gay lover should never visit my country they are the one who spreading gayness and all immorality thing if you visit some spanish beaches you will suprise and local people and complaining and angry please stay your country when Africans and Arabs visit spain they are mostly nice people with good culture they do not do alot immorality gay shit and all those stuff like white people we spanish we share blood and culture by Arabs and Africans,

  4. They're not migrants, they're invaders. The vast majority of them are male and of fighting age, the EU could solve this problem easily if they used a Naval blockade and either intercepted or destroyed migrant boats. They're not going to protect us though, they're following the Kalergi plan to the letter. We have been betrayed by those we put in power, either we rise up and remove them or Europe will be consumed by Islam and the barbaric savages that practice it.

  5. It's those fucking African Muslim savages again. They've taken over Detroit and other parts of Michigan. Glad we have the 2nd A here because this won't work in my neighborhood.

  6. Widerwärtig 🙁 Liebe Amerikaner, entschuldigt bitte die schlimmen Zustände in Europa! Dear Americans, excused please the bad situation in Europe! Guilt are Merkel and the other extremists!

  7. Spanish citizens VOTED for their current ultraliberal government. Even after the whole world has seen what happens in countries that let this scum in.
    Sweden: taken over, swedish women and children raped and murdered in their own country.
    Germany: german women and children raped and murdered in their own country.
    France: french women and children raped and murdered (gangraped !) in their own country.
    They allowed ships FULL of these scum to make port even after several countries DENIED to let them in.
    First thing these poor migrants, fleeing from war did: they tossed EVERYTHING they got from Red Cross and went out to party.
    Spanish college students were EVICTED from their college homes because and I quote: "…they might carry CONTAGIOUS DISEASES ! (AIDS)
    Meanwhile EU continues to harass one of two countries that shut their borders from these scum, keeping their own people safe. They try to brand them as fascists by telling them what they can or can't do. Ridiculous.
    Some people are doing everything they can to start a war on European soil; most likely war profiteers.

  8. Refugee = parasite

    Illegal refugees want rape !!
    They are crazy animals for sexual needs.

    If a person does not act like a person, it is only a beast.

    Who dares
    To be right
    Do you judge?

  9. well deserved. muhaha stupid white knight what did he expect? women are the cause of migration. they vote the left, the pro-migration parties. yet this retarded moron comes defending a woman 😀 and gets beat up by the woman's migrants. congratulations, genius!

  10. Thanks again, Merkel, Macron, Juncker and all the similar neoliberal puppets! I hope when you finished to suck out Soros's cock to the last drop you can finally see how Europe sinks down to the dust you prepared! I hope that the day will come when you and all your neoliberal friends will be executed like Ceausescu and other reptiles in the history. But even after that day, these little black killers (called migrants and refugees) will stay here in Europe to keep on spreading aggression and killing all the culture we had before.

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