Alaska to Argentina. Motorcycle Adventure. 100 DAYS TO THE SOUTH


  1. Would have been nice to hear some narrative about the locations, something uplifting. You have some great drone footage, great scenery pics, but i came away from this, that it was depressing. Ive travelled many areas that you went thru and was hoping for more about specific locations and people. This really needed just a bit of enthusiasm about where you were, but even the music was anything but uplifting.

  2. Congratulations buddy, now my question: how did you cross from Panama to Colombia? That seems to be a challenge to everyone traveling to South America. Thank you and keep it up.

  3. You are totally crazy man!! Totally insane!! But I couldn't stop watching! I wish I knew you were on the road, I would have invited you to our home here in Arizona, given you a nice room, clean shower, great bed and bought you the best Mexican food you've ever had. You're crazy, but what a ride! I cannot even imagine doing something like this, and I've done some crazy rides. Thanks for doing this video–crazy man. 🙂

  4. Love this. Ive done a lot of long distance, high milage, multi week,, sleep on the ground next to my bike, multi country, eat from my pack riding, but nothing like this. You're my hero. You're crazy, but a cool kind of crazy and still my hero.

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