Airbnb Tour | Barcelona, Spain #Spain #travel

Fascinated to know what my Air BNB looked like in Barcelona, Spain? Here’s a fast household tour! I appreciate how tall all the ceilings are and all the doorways are doubled. Every room experienced home windows and the two primary bedrooms experienced a balcony!

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Off to the upcoming place!

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  1. I liked a picture of myself in the room I stayed in and used it as the thumbnail. Please keep your negative comments away. Dont you realize there are people dying in the world? My ass is not important enough to make you mad.

  2. BTW Chels, your body is beautiful and for those who have to neg. comment, they only wish they were you, beautiful, traveling the world all while having a nice B_TT! Whatevs! You stay sweet gurl.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the place, but I would have lost my mind being that closed in.
    As for the thumbnail, it is beautiful. Let the haters hate and the pervs make pervey comments, you being you is most important. As a person with anxiety issues, I love watching you face your gremlins, kick their butts and step over them on your way to your next adventure. ….keep it up kiddo!

  4. Wow so you as a Beautiful Human post a Beautiful picture and now your selling out??? The pic is so Not X Rated!!! For the people that don't understand a Beautiful picture in a Beautiful place

  5. You go to Barcelona & stay in an AirBNB. You make a quick house tour video to show us the lovely place where you stayed, (wether it be a hotel/villa/apartment/campsite/hostel we've all done that while on holiday, haven't we?). You took pictures of yourself in the place where you stayed (we've all done that on holiday right?). You look at your holiday snaps and pick out a favourite one, (haven't we've ALL done that?). You then show your favourite holiday pictures to your friends by either email, Instagram, flicker, twitter, facebook, on your phone when you get back home or by printing them out, WE'VE ALL DONE THAT!! And you are being called out for using a snapshot you like as a thumbnail for a youtube video?!?!?!?!?

    What on earth is the world coming to?

    There are people without homes & electricity after natural disasters, there are people dying in conflicts around the world, there are people starving because of failed crops, corrupt governments and corrupt government officials. And yet some people are upset by a simple thumbnail picture for a video!!!!!! To those people, all I can say is get some real perspective into your lives and worry about something that TRULY matters!!

  6. What in the hell! This escalated quickly just because of a really nice photo, super artsy. I am gonna change my opinion to a SOLID 9, that is all I have to say about this 😀 Love ya ❤❤ Keep the vidz coming!

  7. pretty good for a south european flat. I mean, besides all the hidden security cameras you can definitely spend time there. The flat is a little unemotional, but probably intend to please everyone.

  8. Girl that thumbnail is ART! Seriously it looks amazing and from a photography standpoint I think it's so incredibly interesting (I personally love the odd point of view and perfect lighting)❤️❤️❤️❤️ Also you looked awesome so like why not show it off? (Don't listen to people who can't understand that there are more important things in life than a damn thumbnail) Also what an adorable air bnb! I hope you had a wonderful time!

  9. Very enjoyable video, these older buildings and accommodations have a lot of charm. I don't understand some of the comments below, I thought we all should be able to express ourselves whichever way we want in our own videos…

  10. That pretty damn sweet Chelsea!! I would ask how much that place cost but it really doesn't matter. If your going to Spain for what may be a once in a lifetime experience who cares. Live it up.

  11. cool but did you ever wonder why they double their doors? However your Air BNB looks great….& tell us more on the culture and the foods they Eat. Thats interesting also. Enjoy your trip &Thanks for the video

  12. Slowly selling out I see? Finally learned that doing thumbnails without much clothes pays off? Stay true to yourself and your channel will grow. Don’t sell out aka don’t sell your body for views. People will start losing respect for you and won’t watch your videos knowing is a clickbait

  13. Cool video. Looks like a great place to stay. I just wouldn't cook anything with those Wooden Utensils!! They looked a little to used. lol. See ya when you get back. Have a Safe Trip!!! <3

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