Airbnb Crib Tour – Venice Seashore CA


  1. Do you have a 'tips for traveling alone' video? I'm thinking of interning in America (California) for 4 months. It will be the very first trip all by myself and I need to be prepared!

  2. Hei Sjana. I know that it must be hard to find that right balance between socialmedia and real life, but I also just LOOVVEE to see "boring" real life stuff (vlogs) – witch for a person living in another side of the world (Denmark) wouldn't call boring at all. Eventhough you might think it isn't of out interest – just to see that there are someone out there, being happy and just living there life, can be really calming and relaxing, for someone who (maybe) isn't all right/or feels sad etc. I'm really thankfull for you to share, and being you. <3

  3. Sjana, I really love when you upload YouTube videos! Do you think you could upload them more often? Maybe even some follow along yoga and mediation and yoga tutorials and all! Love you to the moon and back and I just want to let you know how much your positive attitude and happiness is so contagious and to see someone so full of life and love and light is so inspiring. Keep doing you!

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