Affordable and Head-blowing Places to Visit in Africa (Vacation Hacks Ep. 1)

At any time wondered where the economical and interesting places to check out in Africa are? I (‘Funmi Oyatogun – TVP Adventures) sat with Sam Adeleke (Afrotourism) and Lola Daniyan (Unravelling Nigeria) to share some of our preferred locations!

Abide by the strategies we share on ‘Travel Hacks’ and travel better!

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  1. I'm highkey glad we don't have many people traveling to Africa for vacation cuz they would just ruin its natural beauty trying to expand hotels and resorts by killing the land then the tourists would trash the place and pollute our countries!!

  2. You know when you asked to guess one of your favorite places.. I was like "Tanzania" and you said Zanzibar.. so that was pretty close. lol Really nice video, looking forward to more episodes.

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