Acquiring Close to Mannheim, Germany #Germany #travel

Hello Hoppers! Mannheim is recognized as the Quadratestadt, or Town of Squares, for its grid-like design and style. The city centre has no street names and each individual block is assigned only letters and figures so if you never know how the grid will work it can get very puzzling. I make clear how to get all-around in Mannheim and how to find five landmarks that are a excellent start out if you are unfamiliar with the city and let us say you want to fulfill a friend.


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  1. If you visit Mannheim, don't forget to go to Luisenpark where the biggest colony of starks (Störche in german) in a german industrial town is living, it counts more than one hundred individuals, some even stay in winter. Greetings from Mannheim-Rheinau

  2. You make me want to cry, MuchoHop. I was stationed at Coleman Barracks (Sandhofen) soooo long ago (78-80) when I was 18-20. I lived in Nuremberg as a child, when my father was in the service, but I really loved it when I was stationed in Germany, myself. I still look back at the pictures I took at Coleman and "downtown" Mannheim.

  3. Nicely done! Absolutely love your video! Mannheim is my home town and I love it! By the way: yes the palace is actually the second largest in Europe after Versailles. Some little trivia here: it's only slightly smaller but was built with one window more than Versailles !!! 😉

  4. Thanks for sharing pretty lady 🙂 By the way, do you realize if that was in America, the cops would be harassing you in no time for filming in public? In :The Land of the free:. Gosh!

  5. I cried a lil. It reminded me o much of my carefree days. I used to study in mannheim. Its just perfect city to live in. I love the perfect imperfections they there. Spent almost 8 good years there. Definitely will comeback someday. Thank you so much for the video. U explained the landmark well. Tq

  6. Mannheim has been entirely destroyed by the war, there aren't any true old historical buildings anymore, just like the faith of many german cities, and what shocked me the most in mannheim is that it's flooded with immigrants of the 3rd world, I heard mostly arabic language than german, I felt sad.

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