A Week in our VAN Daily life | Trek to Patagonia

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At any time given that we crossed the border with our small residence on wheels into Mexico, the objective has normally been… GET TO PATAGONIA. Fast ahead to now, the starting of our journey in Chile, one particular of the nations that will give us the extraordinary Patagonia views we have had our hearts set on from the starting! But, Chile is basically the longest country north to south in the environment, which implies we have dozens of hrs of driving forward of us before we get to our last spot. Van everyday living in Chile starts with an total 7 days of driving throughout the gorgeous Chilean desert, all around the coastal hills, and by some of the prettiest metropolitan areas we have nonetheless encountered in Latin America. Come along with us for a 7 days in our van everyday living as we trek to Patagonia!

About The Matneys:
We’re Christian and Aubry, a few traveling North and South America in our converted Sprinter Van. On The Matneys, we appreciate chatting about the fact of residing in a van, what van everyday living will allow us to do, and how traveling to new sites with new cultures can genuinely open up your eyes to so a great deal about the environment, our individual country, and ourselves. Our little household is simple, but it requires us to the most magical paradises in the environment.



  1. I can't even begin to imagine what 23 hrs of driving is like. When I finish a days work at 6pm on a Friday (in the middle of the UK) and then try and drive to Nurburgring in Germany for the weekend, by 6am the next morning I am almost falling asleep at the wheel and that's after a 40 minute break in the middle of the night while on the ferry in the English channel!!
    You guys are MACHINES <3

  2. I'd just like to say at 8:07 Aubry, when you do that hair flick over your face and then the sunset lights it up a few seconds later, coupled with that beaming smile.. OMG.. Much beauty, such love, I think I just fell in the deep end LOLOLOLOL x

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  5. Really enjoying the vids these days. Funny fact: I used to drive from NC to NY — a 16-hour trip — quite often, sometimes in one shot, but I would always get sleepy in Virginia. No lie, no matter which way I was going. In one direction, it was only 4 hours in, the other direction it was obviously 12 hours, but I was only sleepy when I went through there, all the same. w.e.i.r.d.

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