A tour of Davos Switzerland – Home of the annual World Economic Forum | 80+ Countries w/3 Kids

Welcome to Davos Switzerland! Join us as we explore this world renowned destination together.

The six mountains surrounding the town along with lake Davos create a picturesque landscape everywhere you look. Stay with us and we will take you to the top of the mountain at 2844 meters of altitude to enjoy the stunning view together.

Each year in January, Davos hosts the World Economic Forum “WEF” at the congress centre. Top business leaders, international political leaders, economists, and journalists gather together to discuss the most pressing issues facing the world. Guests have included, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Queen Rania of Jordan and the Dalai Lama to name just a few.

If you are one of the world’s most significant influencers, you surely know this town and if you aspire to be one, maybe we’ll see your picture hanging soon as well at the Seehof Davos hotel.


Enjoying life while exploring and discovering 80 countries around the world!


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  1. I think your video should be required viewing for all the big wigs that come to Davos. Because their gathering is in winter and they do not see the beautiful summer views. Thank you for your nice and informative videos (specially when you start with the map of the place).

  2. Wow amazing video !!! I’m going to Graubünden next week 🙂
    Btw i’m from Genève and i’m homeschooled so that i can travel with my parents !
    Do you also homeschool your kids ?
    Amazing YouTube channel keep the wonderful videos coming 😉

  3. hi, i love all your videos, specially in switzerland where i live ( i live in Geneve) now, and i've been too all the places on your videos and it makes me miss it and i feel like to go there again, one place i keep visiting is thun and brienz (interlaken) and cruising when i have the opportunity, it´s really amazing, greetings from Geneve

  4. Wow i said a mouth full below, you speak in English and i don't know why i talk in French, you had me laughing so much, i had tears in my eyes, and at least that trail led to somewhere with delicious pastry and you get your monies worth and the kids keep dredging along and kept happy with those pastry and chocolate drinks and have a great day Jerome from Florida and i see you all soon

  5. That was a beautiful video, and i hope they treated you like royalty, you all deserved it, and that beautiful scenery was a breath taking view and your breakfast and the girls look like they enjoy very much and thank you for this video.

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