A rant about tourism in South Africa


  1. Hi, we have been listening to your video's since you started and really appreciate the work you are doing and all the assistance given BUT by slating South African's tourism – is DEFINATELY not helping the people that remain and have to remain in South Africa. We live in one of the most unique tourism towns being Hermanus, Western Cape and by you slating tourism will make it really difficult for us to survive. Tourism is one of the lifebloods of Hermanus and 99% of the tourists visiting are safe as long as they take advice, which is the same as any other city in the world. Majority of tour operators bend over backwards to keep tourists safe. By doing this you are also making it more difficult for us so please refrain from being so negative against tourism. There are still good people here, whites, blacks and coloured alike who are trying their best just to make this work. Once again THANK YOU for the wonderful work you are doing and please could you keep the video's going which will help and not hinder.

  2. The Black South African wealth creation formula since 1994: 1) Create a "project". Any "project". 2) Make certain it is black controlled. 3) Fund it with billions. 4) clean out the kitty!. 4 ) Crash it. Blame it on Jan van. and Apartheid. 5) convene a commission of inquiry and spend more money. 6) Make sure the commission is endless, gets nowhere and rules that no criminal charges be brought. Praise the Rule of Law. Easier to loot from a project. Started with the Arms Scandal on Mandela's watch. Never had a minute in Court to this day, since 1994! And that goes for all of the "projects", trillions of Rand's worth. What a ride!!!!

  3. I actually checked my stats yesterday. Had a -81% DROP in accommodation bookings in comparison with last year this time. And my area used to be one of the definite attractions on the itinery of International market. The little confirmed bookings we are getting is ratio
    Internationa vs Domestic 1:8

  4. I left South Africa 11 years ago to live in safe Australia. I was born and bread in SA with much of my family still living there. I won't go back there to visit anyone for one minute. I will never, never ever go back there as I am far to grateful to have made it out alive. What happened to me there still traumatises me to this day.

  5. When asked about the tourism and the economy she didnt dare mention the foreign tourist decline due to crime but said the local businesses are now travelling less and conferences are being held via the net . Ag shame , I would also be embarrassed if I had to explain the decline due to crime and lately the undrinkable tap water .

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