A Quick History of South Africa, with Dave Steward

Dave Steward recounts the terribly complex background of South Africa. Steward is the former Main of Staff to South African President FW de Klerk and Executive Director of the FW de Klerk Foundation.

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Transcript – Just one of the points that’s pretty significant to have an understanding of about South Africa is that it is like so quite a few other African nations an artificial entity made by the Brits. The South Africa that we know in its present borders is only 104 years previous. And in 1990 when we went via our transition it was only eighty years previous. It was the creation of the British Empire. Britain obtained possession of most of the territories of Southern Africa in the nineteenth century in what 1 historian referred to as a in good shape of absentmindedness. At the beginning of the century it identified by itself in possession with a rag bag of territories which were difficult to manage and pretty highly-priced. The complete of the nineteenth century experienced been about the British conquest of Southern Africa. Initially of the Xhosa individuals in 9 wars of the axe that lastly led to in 1856 to a national suicide by the Xhosa individuals where they made a decision that they would get rid of their cattle and ruin their crops on the advice of a prophetess who stated that if they did this the British would be pushed into the sea. But of system they were not.

And tens of thousands of Xhosa individuals died. The next main individuals who were conquered in the nineteenth century by the Brits were the Zulus. The Zulus experienced been the dominant tribe in Southeastern Africa immediately after the foundation of their nation by their good King Shaka. The British settled what is now the Natal Province of South Africa and they brought in white settlers and Indians to work on sugar farms. But they were pretty anxious about this impressive Zulu kingdom to the north of them the Tugela River. And so they identified a purpose to declare war in opposition to the Zulus. And to their tremendous surprise at the Struggle of Isandlwana in 1878 a complete British military was wiped out, 1500 gentlemen. This was just a few years immediately after the Tiny Bighorn but it is really 5 occasions as huge. And the Zulus wiped out a complete British military. Of system the Brits sent extra troops and they were — they defeated the King Cetshwayo by the next year in 1879. The third individuals that the Brits conquered were the Afrikaners or the Boers who experienced been settled in South Africa considering the fact that 1652. They did not like British rule so in the nineteenth century they trekked into the inside. They established two republics, the Republic of the Orange Absolutely free Condition and the Republic of The Transvaal.

But then the individuals in the Absolutely free Condition built the huge miscalculation of discovering the most important diamond load in background at Kimberley. So the Brits annexed that. And then in the eighteen eighties the Transvaal Republic built the big miscalculation of discovering the most important gold bearing system in the earth, the well-known Johannesburg reef. And the result of this was that the British yet again sought a pretext for war with these two republics. And that led to the Anglo-Boer War in 1899. Now the Anglo-Boer War was the most important war that the British fought in between the Napoleonic Wars and the Initially Environment War. They deployed about 438,000 imperial troops in South Africa. They conquered the two territories and then owning taken them about at the beginning of the twentieth century they did not know what to do with them. So they looked all over the empire and stated oh effectively seem, in Canada we experienced this dominion. We experienced a federation there and that’s labored pretty effectively. We did it in Australia and in distinct states. We made a federation there. Why do not we do that in Southern Africa. So they did.

But they made a decision to hold some territories in and some territories out. They integrated the Zulus and the Xhosas of the new society but they gave control of the new nation, the Union of South Africa which was proven in 1910 to the whites. Due to the fact at that time black individuals in Africa during the earth did not truly have political rights. So for most of the twentieth century the huge problem in South Africa was not the relationship in between whites and blacks but the relationship in between English talking whites and Afrikaans talking whites. And the Afrikaans talking whites needed to reestablish their republics. That was the driving force powering the Countrywide Social gathering which arrived to energy in 1948. Now they then instituted or they — not racial segregation. They gave it a new name — apartheid. And it was simple racial domination. But just before we grow to be way too morally self-righteous, that is what was happening in the relaxation of Africa, unacceptable indefensible. It was what was happening in the South in the United States at the time. Undefensible, unacceptable …[transcript truncated]…


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  1. First video I have seen that explains the whole thing clearly, succinctly, and matter of fact. The narrator can speak clear and proper English which makes things a whole more easier to hear and enjoy.

  2. All we teach about SA in British schools now is that apartheid = bad and racist and that Nelson Mandela is simply a hero who freed his people when clearly there is more to the story than that. Could there be a political agenda at play here?

  3. To all those Boertjies crying about the current fate of South Africa: You sowed the storm of Apartheid, now you're reaping the whirlwind.
    Even if the British left you the legacy of Separate Development, for decades you Afrikaners had the opportunity to change things for the better. Instead you chose to make it even worse, especially under that Dutch bastard, Verwoerd. He deserved to be assassinated, may he rot in hell.

  4. Fact is South Africa was uninhabited when the Dutch (Boers) arrived in the 1600's, black Africans arrived AFTER white Europeans when the Zulu drove other tribes down to South Africa. The Zulu massacred millions and they forced the qhosa to move farther south into Boer territory and that created all the problems. The British invaded later after gold and diamonds were discovered.

    Today whites are persecuted and are having their land stolen from them in S. Africa because blacks have complete control and the black population can't take care of itself.

  5. This video was amazing. Very informative and very detailed. Next time you make a video, could you explain the early stages of the nation's history (anglo – zulu war and king cetshwayo ). Overall great though.

  6. I wouldn’t frame Botha as such a benign reformist though. The dismantling of “petty” apartheid always seemed to be a largely cosmetic revision to appease the international community in opinion. However, I was born post-1994, so my sense of history is vastly different to Steward.

  7. From an outsider's perspective, the racial tensions in this video's comment section is truly disturbing. I truly hope you guys won't give in to bitterness and resentment or the future will truly be grim for South Africa.

  8. South Africa sits with too many monuments and too many small shops. South Africa have many shops that cost the public money, but it isn't making any money for the public in large scale. South Africa depends on the buildings they already have and they use the same methods over and over again and it is not working and they can't employ everyone. The only way for South Africa to get out of trouble is to build a hospital and a consulting buildings next to each other in open fields with 1000's of parking. This will ensure everyone have jobs. Health ,wealth happiness. No crime, no murder, better control, disease control better solutions etc. It is that EASY.

  9. This man is a washout. After Germany is done with you they will assist the boer take back South Africa. No more trouble makers black and white. God Bless Germany.

  10. South Africa will never get rid of the problem with Marxist. They have no education system now ! They soon will have no farmers. you have to have a border in order to protect the good people of South Africa It does not matter what race they are, or how many races. Everybody has the same need food water shelter safety for all. You have to establish these thing in order to have a country the people who are in charge of the government will not do the right thing you have to establish a government for all the people no one gets left behind. That means you need a government made up of the people by the people. No one is better than the other people have to learn to work together the money that is generated has to go back to the working class people in order to build the countries resources the poor people have to be educated and taken care of until they can enter the work force the government people work for expenses and donate their intelligence to the people. King Corneilus is an indigenous South African with an exceptionally good plan. He is very wise man. With a new country without political parties. Everyone is equal no one gets left behind all the people work with each other If this could be put into place. The people would share everything no one would get left behind the profit and production would be equally shared. You need a country not a Dictator in the USA Rollo 34

  11. Very good overview. At last a sober explanation from the side of the white minority. Apparently whites are split like two tribes, the Afrikaans who are former Dutch settlers and the other group who are former British colonisers. Wow… who knew!!

  12. Very good overview. At last a sober explanation from the side of the white minority. Apparently whites are split like two tribes, the Afrikaans who are former Dutch settlers and the other group who are former British colonisers. Wow… who knew!!

  13. Lies lies and more white lies … tell your history and stop treating this story like a fairytale. Give me a break … where are more historians …. no group of people commit suicide- he said that so they can easily take their land … man sit down with these lies … men will always fight – that's their nature. Man …. why did god create evil people …. this has to be hell for black People / a man who has colonize a county and you let him tell the story ….. why didn't they have political rights? Wow .. I can't listen to lies … I'm out …

  14. Now the ANC has run S Africa into the ground and are ethnically cleansing the whites I bet he wish they held in longer. I will not weep when S Africa consumes itself, stupid f#cking communists!

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