A Journey Through Swaziland (Now eSwatini)

Swaziland was renamed the ‘the Kingdom of eSwatini in 2018. Its a small, landlocked monarchy in southern Africa – almost like an enclave within South Africa situated on the border of Mozambique.

It is known for its wilderness reserves and festivals. The people are friendly and welcome tourists wherever they see them. The country’s rich traditional Swazi culture is what intrigues many visitors.

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  1. I think that you exaggerated the abundance of wildlife. Having lived in eSwatini for 10 years, I visited most of the game reserves and natural areas of the country. Good birdwatching, plenty of impalas and other antelope, but very few of the'Big 5' which foreign tourists often want to see. In fact lions and elephants had disappeared from the country and were being reintroduced. South Africa has larger game reserves and natural areas.

  2. Hey guys we relocated here and absolutely love it we’ve been to most of the places showcased here, what is the name of the place from 2:29 onwards please ❤️ would be awesome to visit there! And thank you so much for an awesome video, much love.

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