A Information From The German Board Of Tourism – CONAN on TBS #Germany #journey

You should not let the recent crossbow murders in Germany prevent you from reserving a trip in Deutschland.

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  1. Don't let those news scare you, our weird sex cult dungeons are relatively save. Remember when Conan visited a dominatrix in his Germany special? He sure enjoyed it 🙂

  2. i cant tell, if the thing with the medival SM Sex murder cult was supposed to be a joke, because if not thats not stated anywhere? i havent found a single german article actualy mentioning something of the sort, and no where has the police ever mentioned a "cult"

  3. I am German and I still remember my first lesson in shooting a crossbow and in medieval sex cultism back in 3rd grade. Poor Mrs. Schmidt though. She had been our teacher. Emphasis on had been.

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