911 in South Africa – In between the Scenes | The Day by day Present

South African 911 operators have a very distinctive definition of “emergency.”

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  1. People born in First-World countries don't know many things about how things are in the rest of the world, and they underestimate the kind of life and potential they have where they are.

  2. Not to be creepy Trevor, but I don't remember anything you said when Desi was on screen… I have watched the video several times and those parts I just remember my own heavy breathing

  3. I'm from Kenya and the best kind of security here is cultivating a good relationship with your neighbours because they are your first response incase of emergency. We call our neighbours before cops

  4. I'm talking from Chile but I think it happens in all Latin America: uber is faster than any emergency number, in fact, we rather use uber than ambulances.
    worst of all, if they arrive they do nothing. someone entered my house and my mom realized it the next morning, they didn't take anything (which only left my mom more scared) but police were like: "well… there's nothing we can do… okay, maybe a report? like writing down someone entered your house ma'am… will you stop crying then?"

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