8 Treasures in EVERY Spanish Home #Spain #travel

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Hola Spain lovers! These are the 8 things that Yoly and I think you’re bound to find in any Spanish home. OK, most Spanish homes… Either way, if you have all 8, you’re legit! Venga, let’s go! 🥝

00:00 Intro
0:49 Espadrilles
2:17 Flamenco Set
3:28 Jamonero
5:41Palas de Playa
8:09 Paella (Pan)
10:34 Mop
12:20 Porrón
13:50 Ornamental Sword

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Hola, Spain lovers! We’re James and Yoly. James is a New Zealander, and Yoly is from Spain. And we both live in Madrid. This channel is all about giving you a local insight into life in Spain, and helping you experience this country like a local when you come to visit (or live!). If that sounds like your kind of thing, bienvenido!

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  1. I loved the video! I moved to the States in 1998, and back then it was difficult to get many of the things that you find in the Spanish households. Every trip to Spain I brought back one or two of those classics in my carry on :). The first one was the "olla express/rápida" followed by "la fregona", "la jamonera y el cuchillo jamonero", "las palas" and many other things.

  2. So many things on your list in my house it's uncanny. I would add a wineskin, botijo, and a parrilla for cooking outsiders, at least in my family. Other favourites in beach areas are plastic water filled boules and a straw mat for lying on the beach. Finally, at least in past times, the board game parchís, with el juego de la oca on the reverse side. As a kid, every Spanish household had one.

  3. You forgot the real spanisch items, everybody has. First, a kitchen countertop with the same specific pattern that makes it impossible to see the dirt and splits of food. And a bottle of bleach/lejia that stinks so strong. And of course a couple of traps for cockroaches.

  4. A wonderful list although I can't ever imagine my parents in law wearing espadrilles.

    You could substitute the flamenco set with all manner of packets of plastic in the 60's and 70's (I'm showing my age but that was the age of plastic).

    I've always got a jamon in my super-duper rotator jamonero but I think plenty of people don't and just buy slices of jamon in the shop. (I always keep my original wood jamonero for the day my posh one goes wrong.)

    James, much as you and I love Spain we are not from it and therefore condemned to like idiots doing palas de playa.

    Seriously, how can making a freaking rice dish cause so much controversy(?) and yet I know it does. The best paella I ever had was in Cantabria by the way. Yoli, I had a great seafood Arroz dish in El Faro in Cadiz and you two have to eat there. I've got the pan but you can make them in all manner regular pans if truth be told.

    THE Mop. People from outside Spain and admire it from afar will never understand the Mop. Not only the mop but every kind of freaking brush made to man along with dozens of cleaning products. This is possibly the one universal behaviour across the entire country. Whatever the origins of the mop we can agree that Spain is a country obsessed with cleaning stuff. My wife has that mop in our house.

    We have a porron and a proper one – the old ceramic type. It's an ornament to be honest. We have the wineskin too, which we keep and use in our place in Andalusia. The original use would have been used for cold storage for water and olive oil as well as wine.

    The sword. like so many things, is indicative of a rapidly changing culture. So much so that we are displaying our age with any of the above. I wonder if many Spaniards will care about any of this stuff in 10 or 20 years time. I enjoyed the list though. Cheers. WT

  5. home cook paella ( if you film something similar I think you will succeed )

    pro cook (you can add some tricks from here)
    Also using chicken broth instead of water, and or add a duck piece to the mix are allowed tricks.

    classical and with English subtitles

  6. España no es sólo mediterráneo también es atlántico en Galicia Cantabria Asturias y el país Vasco no hemos visto ni vestidos de flamenco ni hacemos paella lo único que no nos ha faltado es jamón, palas de playa y fregonas.

  7. Thank you so much for such a fun video! You guys are bringing so much positivity and light into the world during this crazy and difficult time! Thank you for doing what you do! I can’t wait for the day when I can come to España and experience all the wonderful things you two talk about! ❤️❤️❤️

    Also would you ever consider doing a video all about Flamenco? I’m taking classes right now and want to learn more!

  8. I would add those super industrial black-out blinds that every window has, with the flat woven rope to raise and lower it. And for the newer places, tilt and turn windows, which are just marvelous.

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