8 Finances Tips to Journey Europe on $thirty/Working day #Germany #vacation

Europe is NOT as highly-priced as people make it look to be!!!

I have spent extra than 1 12 months of my life in Europe, visiting every one state on the continent, and I promise you it’s not as highly-priced as you imagine… Traveling all-around Europe can Quickly be done on $thirty/day, as prolonged as you prioritize your expenses. No extra excuses!

Everyone else concur with me?

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  1. in Bulgaria dont take taxis like lets say you are in Burgas and you wanna go to sunny beaches and there is a hotel named sunny beach but there is a hotel with the same name in Varna and u say take me to hotel sunny beach and he will take you to Varna first then back to sunny beaches and can make 500$+ profit so be carefull

  2. I agree with most of these except: 1) Forget the Eurail Pass. Book your rail tickets individually well (1 or 2 months) in advance on-line and you can save a LOT of money.
    2) Unlimited transport passes MIGHT be a good value, but often they are not. They appeal mostly to tourists who want to keep things as simple as possible.
    In most European cities you'll spend most of your time in the small historic center walking around.
    Plus, I would add – get a no annual fee credit card that doesn't charge you extra for every purchase you make in a foreign currency. Those unnecessary extra charges add up. There are cards out there that can save you a lot.

  3. Europe is not cheap, but you can definitely do some research and find ways to budget your dream Eurotrip! We did manage to go on a 22-day Eurotrip to 22 cities/11 countries, and it was amazing! I did post a video on my channel if you're interested 😉

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