#772 SEVILLE SPAIN’s Fantastic Night time of FLAMENCO – Jordan The Lion Daily Travel Vlog (9/seventeen/18) #Spain #journey

#772 SEVILLE SPAIN’s Fantastic Night time of FLAMENCO – Jordan The Lion Daily Travel Vlog (9/seventeen/18)

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  1. My husband and I felt that the dancers looked bored, and no wonder! Two shows a night, every night! Brutal. Was quite tiring watching it. We are definitely inspired by Seville though! Who knew that it was this stunning!

  2. As you may know I am European- and every year we would vacation either near the Costa Brava and visit Valencia and Barcelona. So my sister and I would dress up and learn first hand dancing the Flamenco with our little kid Castagnettes! Not perfect but we had so much fun! Good memories!
    Your vlog made me remember how beautiful my childhood was! And how lucky my family was to enjoy such rich traditions and cultural experiences! Thank you!

  3. In Texas we have a chain of Mexican Restaurants called "El Patio" have been lost many a night there in the fishbowl frozen margaritas, but never any entertainment like this ! Loved the show, thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  4. Sangeria looks wonderful. I can't wait to see what the show is like. The evening view of the bridge and water are just gorgeous. Food looked wonderful again. The show was just awesome. Wow. I'm tired just watching it. You'd be nuts not to go see this. Can't wait to see what you have for us to see tomorrow.

  5. Great vlog, In my opinion not an evening at the Coconut Grove in The Ambassador, But riveting nevertheless. Certainly something one doesn't see everyday. Thank you so much Jordan, enjoying Spain immensely! God Bless!

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