6 Unwritten Rules of European Coach Journey #Germany #travel

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From having someone’s reserved seat to brining stinky food items on to a coach. In this article are our six unwritten principles of European coach travel.
1. Do not converse loud.
2. Do not take someone’s reserved seat and faux you don’t know what they are conversing about
three. Only carry luggage that you can have on your own
four. Don’t carry stinky food items on to the coach
five. Enable people off the coach before you consider to board the coach
6. Working with the computerized ticket machines are usually speedier than ready in line at the ticket counter.

Filmed in Luebeck, Germany
Copyright Mark Wolters 2015

five Things You Will Really like & Dislike about European Coach Journey

How to Capture a Coach in Europe

five Things You Will Really like & Dislike about Germany

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  1. Hey WW, do you have a video on ticket supplements for Europe train travelling? – or can you make or link to a previuos one?

    I am interrailing at the moment, with a global pass and met an angry conductor on the Austria/Italy train. I bought a reservation online, but could not buy a socalled “Zuschlag”.

    We are two people travelling. the supplement was like 10euros a ticket. we ended up only paying one supplement of 10euros. I “negotiated” that if it does not say anything about Zusclag/supplements on the Austrian ÖBB train webpage, it is not a valid rule. the train had internet, so I wanted the conductor to find the rule for me. He refused, but we met halfway at one 10 euros supplement-ticket, and he moved on.

    We are now in absolutely beautiful Verona, thanks to your inspirational videos. Best regards from Denmark.

  2. Another this is watch out for people who wish to "help you with your luggage" at best you'll be scammed into giving them a huge "tip" at worst they make off with your stuff

  3. Hey Wolter, I know a country where the ticket line actually is faster than the machine: My home country Luxembourg. We just are so stupid in making those machines that it is faster to walk up to the counter and ask one of the 12(!) employees sitting there.

  4. The narrator needs to define "stinky" in "stinky food" – a Big Mac or a Whopper isn't considered "stinky" in many parts of the world – and "stinks" no more than some of the food in the Bistro cars of the ICE's in Germany…

  5. On the newer German ICE-3's, the "reserved" sign over the seat will show the city pair that the seat is reserved for. If you are getting off the train before (or at…) the first city, or get on the train after (or at…) the last city, go ahead and use the seat. (because it isn't reserved for your portion of the run…) Keep an eye out for the sign resetting, though – sometimes the same seat is reserved for more than one segment of the run! (and the train computer is sometimes slow to update those "reserved" signs…)

  6. Stinky food on any train is bad idea. It will smell for long while after gone. If in coach while you ruined train car. Europe ruined comparment for several hours your in room you are going to make self sick because of smell

  7. My question is, "Can I even do this?" I'm moving from the US to Europe, in the fall. I want to do some train traveling and visit family and friends in England and on the continent, before going to my destination. I think I can lift a carry-on bag into the overhead rack. But since the weather will be changing, I probably need to bring a larger suitcase, which I can't lift so high. I am older and can't carry a backpack for the extra stuff. Is there a way to know which trains will have additional luggage space? Should I expect to buy two seats and put my suitcase on one of them, and would it cause problems if I did? Or do I need to go straight to my new home and do my visiting another time? I'd appreciate some advice on this. Thanks very much.

  8. Can I just say: rule 1 is only really a rule (in the sense of something people actually do) in German, some Eastern European countries and maybe Switzerland/Austria. In most other places like the UK, France, Italy everyone can be heard talking loudly. Actually, the deathly silence of public transport in German especially places like Hamburg or Nord-Rhine-Westphalen is very weird for me..

  9. The part about the food was on spot.  Once while travelling from Salzburg to St. Anton (Austria)during the night some people got on and began to eat their stinking food. Salami, liverwurst, all types of smelly foods, I could not sleep, train was full. After very politely asking them to put the food away, or eat at the beverage car, no dice,= Fist fight galore. People got kicked out of the train, and I continued on.

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