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What are some things that are allowed where you are from but not in the USA (or Germany)? I love making videos like this because it shows very interesting differences between the respective countries.

and yes…if you see me at Englischer Garten catching some rays…. MIND YO BUSINESS

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  1. There are many things that most Americans can't imagine since they've never left their county, nevermind state or country. A lot of this is nothing more than "Der Bauer frisst nur was er kennt", but it's still sad.

  2. It's a matter of culture. Prohibition of public drinking alcohol is nonsense. You can drink alcohol in front of police here yes, if you get drunk they may also drive you back home to go to sleep. But try making trouble I dare you 🙂

  3. I Don't see what the big deal is about nudity. I believe a person should be able to sunbathe any way that they are ok with at any public beach. Maybe if we had a co-ed locker and shower rooms the two sexes would be more accepting, understanding, and comfortable with one another. Sadly the United States still has a long way to go Perhaps you would consider doing a video debate about different aspects of this topic. Both the good and the bad of coed rooms.

  4. One biggy missed: SWEARING! In Germany you can say "Scheißwetter" / "Schietwetter" (for the Hamburgers), but in America, if you say "shitty weather" (or even "crappy weather!") you get your mouth washed out with soap. And the F-bomb has the effect of a Hydrogen bomb. (In Germany there is even an alcopop party drinks called "Ficken" .)

  5. Public drinking is usually allowed everywhere in germany.
    I say usually because in cases of a lock down that can change temporarily.
    You cant drink when you want to drive home your self.
    And people will look at you badly if you are too drunk.
    Also supermarkets usually forbid drinking around the store.
    Its their "hausrecht" to do so.
    They dont want alcohol addicts around and also no litering.

    Its really ok so dont worry

    Edit: normally you cant be drunk at work. But if a glass of wine does not make you drunk its usually ok. You simply cant drink alcohol at work

  6. Drinking during work time depends on the job (and yes, in Bavaria its different than in Germany). If the work has to do with driving, alkohol is tabu (bus or tram drivers are not allowed to drink 10 or 12 hours befor the shift), working on machines alkohol is mostly tabu too.
    Years ago it was very common for construction workers to drink beer during work time, today its uncommon.
    Drinking in public is no problem, but if you get total wasted in public you can loose your driving licence (even as pedestrian) and the police can put you in prison until you are sober (not as punishment, just to protect you from getting hurt)

  7. With over 400 comments I'm not sure if it has been mentioned. Also things allowed in Germany and not in the US: Überraschungsei (reason being a kid could swallow the plastic toy inside), candy with alcohol inside (mon Cheri, Weinbrandbohnen etc.) Nudity in public is allowed, if it is without sexual intent. e.g. a couple may get in or out of bed naked in films or on tv, but not "make out" or have sex. Same for nakedness in public.

  8. I find it funny and sad that the US, the country with the highest incarceration rate in the world and so many unnecessary laws that infringe on your personal freedom, calls itself "Land of the Free". It is truly Orwellian.

  9. For sure that beer on lunch break is more a Bavarian thing. I rarely see it here. There's also a saying "kein Bier vor Vier" (no beer before 4 pm). It's usually just alocoholics or people that can otherwise afford it (students, top managers etc.) that can afford to drink during lunch time hours.

  10. Another thing you can do in Europe is to walk freely without the fear of being handcuffed for jay walking. Public transport in aUSA, ha ha ha . They are not on this planet. A unique country! As far nudity, it is just a normal thing esp in the Scandinavian countries. In th states nudity is pornography.

  11. I used to live and work in Germany in the 60s, both in Bavaria and Hesse. People drink beer any time any where, no restrictions what so ever. Beer is like water to them. While I was there people never drank water. Beer was cheaper than bottled water. Their tap water is not potable, used only for washing and cooking. I started at 8 in the morning and on my way to my office I used to stop at a coffee shop and have a cup of coffee with a roll, brotchen . I was bemused to see the locals taking the sugar cubes that came with the coffee, unwrap them, dip it in the coffee eat them before drinking their coffee. In the office at 9 o clock a trolley used to come with hot filled rolls and bottles of beer! The pubs used to be open until early hours in the morning. The pubs used to have vending machines in the foyer dispensing bottled beer. Another common drink was apfelwein that is cider. Germans used to drink like a fish esp in Bavaria but never got drunk! That is the beauty of Germans!

  12. Drinking during lunch break is a genuine bavarian thing. They actually still have an addition to their workers rights that allows them to drink one Maß of beer for lunch. Every other state you have to look in your contract for what is allowed alcohol wise or not. But there is no general law that forbids drinking during work – it's up to your employer what they find acceptable (and general laws concerning drinking and driving and such stuff).

  13. No Alcohol in public…..not a little bit of nudity…..but a lot of legal Weapons and the biggest Pornindustrie in the World…..what a shame….by the way….Thank you for your effort to make these little intresting and entertaining clips, I love them. Stay safe and healthy, love to you and your family….happy Holidays. God bless you.

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