500,000 Blood Points + 1000 Iridescent Shards *daily* for Dead by Daylight (all platforms) #traveldeals

9000 shards total over seven days (enough for a new character). You just have to boot up the game to get the BP and shards. The 500K BP is a one-time thing.

The shrine will have new perks every day too –

‘For the duration of the event, the Shrine of Secrets will be on a daily rotation and feature Perks from almost every single character in Dead by Daylight. Plus, every Perk will be 500 Iridescent Shards off! Got a lot of Iridescent Shards burning a hole in your pocket? Take advantage while you can! ‘

They’re adding ‘sacrificial cake’ (105%), medkits, flashlights etc. to the bloodwebs. You can get crowns in-game too, so expect a few distracted survivors & killers :).

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