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Let me tell you about some things we don’t have or do in the USA but do in Germany. Happy Holidays everyone! I don’t know if I will see you guys again before Christmas but if not- Merry Christmas. This year is almost over and I am SO EXCITED for 2021 and the fun things I have planned 🙂

I think I am going to make a video dedicated to German eggs because they are treated with so much respect here in Germany LOL

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love yall

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  1. You set the Parkscheibe always to the next half hour.
    When you arrive at 9:12 you set it to 9:30, also when you arrive 9:05 or 9:25
    When you arrive at 9:30 you wait 2 mins and set it to 10:00 😉
    It shows always the time of your "arriving", when your parking legally start and never how long or up want to park.

    The disability parking license is (most of the time) also blue with all the EU logos on it.

  2. I would fill exact this glas between the MIke and the Hayley filling.
    One is the empty, the other to full to walk stresse through the apartment.
    Must be easy to push the doorhandle down with the elbow because most likely I will have both hands full.

  3. The water glass actually is just pragmatic (i.e. German ^^).
    First, there is less risk to spill. But second, remember that sparkling water is common in Germany. So a full glass of water will lose its carbonized fizzle if you don't empty it quickly. Better just pour the glass half full, leave the rest secured in the bottle. I hardly ever fill my glass to the top.

  4. Finland uses the same kind of parking dials. And now you can also buy digital ones that have motion sensors in them and they automatically set the arriving time, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to put it out in the window and setting the time yourself. It sits nicely in the corner on the dashboard. Very handy. We finally got one when we didn’t notice the sign that required it and got a fine.

    Check out the top of the Elmex toothpaste, you might like it 😉 it’s slightly different 🙂

  5. There is even a lock.state on the injection thingy where the spike retreats and is saf sheltered insidee, so you don't poke yourself unnecessary. The "Ahle" on the swiss Army knife works for this as well. I lack a proper pizza cutter myself, you can get ones in the shape of the enterprise-very nerdy. Pizza is not cut because we normally are supposed to eat it with knife and fork. Just like..drumroll- (french| belgian| freedom) fries. You might want to say something about those ,-)

  6. Lol , these are very normal things. Im sure there are things in other countries that are also not common to the US. Eierbecher are not a typical thing in the US so I was pleased to find them and buy them. It made me think my family in Germany

  7. Is it just me or does it seem like Germans don’t drink (anything) as much as Americans do? I carry a giant bottle around with me everywhere I go with ice water because the restaurants give such tiny servings of beverage it’s not even worth it. Are they dehydrated or am I just over-hydrating?

  8. Yes,we have that parking paper thing as well in Sweden. Its very practical,it shows how long time you parked after you parked so parkingguards can check that if they chose to do so. Sweden and Germany is alike in many ways,so also concerning how the pizzas are delivered,they dont come cut. We do it ourselves. One difference though is that our stores are open on sundays,although with reduced opening hrs. The tubes that you showed are also very common in sweden,kaviar,other various food items comes,among other ways,sometimes in tubes. Yes,those tube openers are practical as well.

  9. An overfilling glass is a sign of overdoing it. So modern etiquette says not to overload plates, overfill glasses, but take a second helping at the table, and so on. To be honest, a half-full plate and a half-full glass may be regarded as something "snobbish" , some kind of pretended modesty.

  10. To be honest, I tend to fill the glass up to the level you are accustomed to, but that's probably due to my upbringing. Let me point to the obvious design of this glass. It has an evident "fill line" on the side. What in the world would that be for if not to suggest the fill limit? Yeah. I can see the sense in that.

  11. I always find settiung parking discs to be annoying but recently, electronic parking discs were allowed which will automatically display the time of arrival. They have inertia sensons and when you stop they will activate and display the time of arrival (even round up to the next half hour). (Do not confuse them with the illegal parking discs which simply readjust the time every half an hour to fool the authorities).

    I usually fill my glas more or less "The American way" when I am already sitting at the table but "the German way" when I still have to transport it to the table not to spill anything.

  12. About those parking time disc thingamajiggies: i just watched a youtube video of "Treasure hunting with Jebus" where he found one in a storagelocker (somewhere in Virginia) and recognised it so they do exist in the US too i guess.

  13. The poking thing on the cap is something I had only seen on ointment tubes before seeing someone open a new toothpaste tube in Germany once! (I’m from Guatemala, not the US)

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