5 Day Trip to RUSSIA + BULGARIA + FINLAND + GERMANY // International Flight Attendant Vlog 9 2020 #Germany #travel

Hi guys 🙂
I just worked a 5 day short-haul trip. I went to so many exciting destinations and in Moscow I even had some time for sightseeing. The cities I visited on this trip were Moscow (Russia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Dusseldorf (Germany) and Helsinki (Finland).
I know that many flight attendants work trips like these a lot, for me it is a bit of an exception since I usually work on long-haul flights most of the time.
The trip was super fun though, since I had amazing crews and I feel like I managed to film quite a bit inside of the plane and I also managed to film a bit on the tarmac.
I hope you enjoyed this vlog and I will see you soon!

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  1. I am just wondering. Why is not Lufthansa accommodating you in single rooms which are in general cheaper than two-bed rooms? It sounds as if the passengers have to pay the price for your comfort. Another recommendation: please turn-off the sound when you take videos on the plane, they can cause severely ear damage.
    I have not really gotten what a "chaser" means. Would like you to explain it in some of your future videos. You seem to have "das Unglück anziehen" concerning your medicals. I really like your videos, they enable me to practice my English and to see lots of the world. Please continue to do so!
    BTW: 1:28 from MUC to Salzburg averages to 126 kilometers or 78 miles per hour.

  2. Wow! A 5 day tour I would go crazy! My airline mostly does 3 days or less but occasionally I have ended up on a 4th day and I did not like it! And I'm impressed you went out to red square on a 12 hour layover! 12 hours can sound like a lot of time but it's really not when you need to shower, sleep etc. You really have had a lot of medicals! Does your airline allow for if you are mentally upset by the event or fatigued that you can be removed from the trip? Sometimes it's just nice to know you have that option when things affect you.

  3. I enjoyed this vlog very very much! It is always fun to take the European tours with you. I know that you prefer the long haul flights, but getting a chance to see European cities is also super-exciting for me. Thank you for being so consistent with your vlogs. You are a true professional. Take care.

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