4×4 Sprinter Van Conversion Tours | Overland Experience Sema 2019 #Germany #travel

In this video we walk you through some awesome 4×4 Sprinter Van conversions as well as some cool overland builds here in the overland experience at sema 2019. It is really cool how big the overland experience was this year as it was the first time in sema history that there was a section dedicated to nothing but overland. This is really rad because this means its only getting bigger and bigger from here on out. Being the first year there were some awesome builds especially the 4×4 Sprinter Van Conversions, its always awesome to see how wild they get with them and how much it looks like home but in a van. This year was great at Sema 2019, we cant wait to see what next year brings especially the overland experience.

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  1. Sprinters are junk vans good luck
    Sportsmobil,s rep is not anywhere near what it used to be because they went to that platform……..
    This is also why you are seeing the used market flooding with this platform…… and the hotshot drivers will tell you how bad these type of Van's are…. always in the shop
    Chevy is the last holdout
    Ford was the best till they too went to the European type van ……those have just as bad reps for quality……pure junk

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