[4K] Sunset at Venice Beach, Los Angeles California – Virtual Walking Tour

Sunset / evening walk at Venice Beach boardwalk.

Venice is a residential, commercial, and recreational beachfront neighborhood of the City of Los Angeles, California. It was founded by Abbot Kinney in 1905 as a seaside resort town. It was an independent city until 1926, when it merged with Los Angeles. Venice is known for its canals, beach, and Ocean Front Walk, a two-and-a-half-mile (4 km) pedestrian promenade.

🎧 This video contains Binaural Audio. Please wear headphones for best immersive experience.

📅 Recording Date: October 2020

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  1. We are in a rare natural event of having the second full moon in the same month!
    I imagine this has effects on the tides! Care never hurts, observing nature is important to avoid problems, consulting official bodies to use boats or playing sports outdoors is a good recommendation! Hugs ,Wind! HELÔ

  2. Hi! Today I practice a walking to improve my energy and emotions, it is really important tô have a good health! Nice know that you are doing the same as always, sharing the reality outside of our little space and enjoying the day! Keep the security still is necessary, be careful must be a usual behavior to live well in every place were we live, enjoying what the sites have of better but always evaluating if the ambience and people are ok to apreciate this good ride! So beautiful the landscape there! The sky is really a great and wonderful painting, you show it so well! I love!
    I imagine that exercises like a good walking, meet friends and take a good and health meals in a safe and cool restaurant is a good option to start well the day!
    This beach is cool, calm and clean, it is good! I hope that everyone be safe and with response to have a good health and longevity!
    A beautiful day is good to have fun and friends to smile!
    Nice walking, i hope you can have a good day and fun! HELÔ

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