[4K] Rainy Day Walk in Germany – Düsseldorf City Rain Walking Tour (NOT IN BERLIN) #Germany #travel

This 4K walking tour in Düsseldorf city, Germany, on a rainy day is a great way to enjoy a cozy walk through the rain in December 2020. It’s not Berlin or Hamburg, but a nice city in Germany.

1. Berlin City Walking Hackescher Markt:
2. Berlin Night Walk Summer 2020:
3. Berlin Snowy Day Walk:
4. Düsseldorf Media Harbour 2020:
5. Empty Düsseldorf Airport in May 2020:
6. Autumn Night Walk Düsseldorf:

Berlin and Düsseldorf are among the 10 Largest Cities in Germany. Düsseldorf occupies the seventh place while Berlin occupies the first place. Berlin is the capital and largest city in Germany, with several attractions and famous sights such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Cathedral. While Düsseldorf is the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia and second-largest city of the most populous German state of North Rhine-Westphalia after Cologne. Düsseldorf’s Königsallee is noted for both the landscaped canal that runs along its center, as well as for the fashion showrooms and luxury retail stores located along its sides. On the other hand Berlin is home to the famous KaDeWe department store, and the city’s most fashionable area is the Kurfürstendamm. Düsseldorf Old Town consists of around 260 pubs and bars, which are located in a relatively small area. At the confluence of the Rhine and its tributary Düssel, the city lies in the centre of both the Rhine-Ruhr and the Rhineland Metropolitan Regions with the Cologne Bonn Region to its south and the Ruhr to its north. Most of the city lies on the right bank of the Rhine, while Berlin lies in the wide glacial valley of the Spree River.

00:00 Schadowstraße
11:25 KÖ Bogen 2
08:27 Hofgarten
10:23 Joachim-Erwin-Platz
19:36 Schadow Arkaden
24:01 Heinrich-Heine-Allee Station
28:09 Flinger Straße
32:35 Berger Straße
35:04 Carlsplatz
39:47 Alter Hafen/Old Harbour
42:51 Rhine Embankment Promenade
47:08 Burgplatz
50:14 Old Town Hall
55:11 Bolkerstraße
57:43 Hunsrückenstraße
59:08 Andreasstraße
01:01:06 Mertensgasse

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  1. Currently I have two job offers but I am undecisive which one to take. One is in Bottrop and the other Berlin.

    I have to make a decision based on which city resonates more with me. Due to the pandemic I am not able to pre-explore.

    Could you please make a comparison walk?

  2. Potato, must admit I have been in Düsseldorf 3 times and Berlin only once!

    Both are beautiful cities in Germany! Everyone who is searching for an alternative that is more quiet and fancy, Düsseldorf might be the go for you!

    And Berlin lacks of parking lots. Whereas in Düsseldorf my Lamborghini has never had problems!

  3. Japan Potato,
    Thanks for this very enjoyable walk in Dusseldorf and its lovely Old Town. Very familiar sights for me-I actually remember visiting the fruit and veg market you featured. You have our gratitude- hope this is a consolation when you are trying to dry off from the rain!

  4. I don't know the city, but it looks beautiful, very well rebuilt for the most part. It has a very beautiful, modern sector with a lot of style and taste and the sector that was quickly rebuilt has some buildings that are worth admiring. Greetings from Chile and thank you very much for such a beautiful video.

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