[4K] Largest Shopping Center in Germany – Large Shopping Mall Walking Tour #Germany #travel

In this video I am taking you on a tour through the largest shopping center in Germany, which is the Centro in Oberhausen. This large shopping mall walking tour is a contrast to my more recent walk, since I haven’t filmed in a shopping mall before.

1. Centro Mall Walk in July 2020:
2. Biggest Inner-City Shopping Centre in Germany – Limbecker Platz Essen:
3. Dusseldorf Shopping Mall Walk – Bilker Arcaden:
4. Cologne Cathedral and City Center in May 2020:
5. Cologne Belgian Quarter and Surroundings:
6. Cologne City – Busiest Shopping Street in Europe:
7. Cologne Hohenzollern Bridge and Surroundings:

Centro is a shopping mall located in Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany (West Germany). It forms part of a large commercial development called the Neue Mitte (“new center”). Centro is Germany’s largest shopping mall. The development was rather controversial, with neighbouring municipalities opposing the size and scope of the project, fearing a loss of sales to businesses in their city. Around 220 national and international brand shops on two levels with retail space of more than 100,000 square meters as well as 14,000 free parking spaces await the visitor in the Centro in Oberhausen. In addition, more than 20 restaurants on the Centro Promenade offer specialities from all around the world. Other recreational activities, such as a musical theatre, an adventure park, a marina and the landmark of the city, the 117-meter high “Gasometer”, are located in the immediate vicinity and within walking distance. I hope you can relax and enjoy this beautiful walk in the largest shopping center in Germany.

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If you are curious about Dusseldorf city or other city tours of Western Germany please watch one of my walking videos from the following playlist:

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  1. Ooh, very big.
    I'm so excited to go to Croatia cuz there is lots of malls and people don't litter anywhere. Everywhere there is a trash can which is very mature. Hey, speaking of which, I'm gonna go for 10 days in Croatia next……… something idk. Can you explore museum of illusions? (Illica address) thank you! (Just so I can get a glimpse of that.)

  2. Another really nice video, thanks for that.
    But somehow i always get a headache when i visit the Centro, and that is the only mall where i have this problem.
    It has something to do with all the echoes of voices and sounds in this mall. Kinda crazy, because it just happens to me, and just while visiting the Centro.
    In no other mall, discotheque or in theme parks, and on fun fairs i have this problem.
    I have to say your video has great sound quality, because with headphones i got the same headache.

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